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We are humans; we all have different ways of expressing our feelings. This earth holds varieties of people with varieties of personalities. Some people love to express their feelings while some tend to suppress their emotions.

But I am sure, at some point of time in life everyone has had endured some kind of hardship, even when there were people around to share with; but you selected to endure that pain alone.

This blog is all about how to deal with those kinds of circumstances and let yourself free from that pain burden that your emotions don’t deserve to feel.

If we go by discussing via broad categories then it seems to be like:

First things first — “Don’t let it consume you.”

Make this clear into your mind that what’s done can’t be undone. But you can change your upcoming time by changing your perspective towards life and that particular situation you are in. The matter that forced you to endure that pain in yourself could be anything — personal or financial or whatever other reason you have with yourself but it’s you first, who have to understand that your enduring pain is temporary and weaker than you strengths.

Remember one thing –“Things Happen for a Reason.”

I know it sounds weird to top this on the bad situation but it’s a fact & can’t be denied. At least for people, who believe in fate, firmly believes in it. So take that situation as learning phase of life. Phase, where instead of people, life wants to teach you something value-adding and important. You might not understand this during that sad period but later in life, you’ll surely realise that it was necessary to have happened to you.

Try to adapt your heart and mind according to the situation life puts you in. This can be done primarily by accepting reality.

Be honest with your emotions and try to have held on your feelings. Talk to people, whom you call “your people”. People, who just don’t listen, but understand your words too.

So summarizing the entire thing it can be put this way -

Accept the reality, adapt the change, make your mind feel free first, set productive short term goals to get yourself out of it and then execute your plans with solid affirmations to yourself.

“Be bold enough to deal with situations. Have patience in hardships and be thankful for blessings.”

Contributed by Raushni Khatoon, Content writer at Mitti ke Rang

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