How the world cancer day is celebrated?

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By Raushni Khatoon, 4 min read

This year February 4, 2020, marked the 20th anniversary of world cancer day.

It’s an international awareness day meant to raise cancer awareness and encourage governments, nongovernmental organisations, businesses, societies and individuals to take action against the global impact of this deadly disease.

In addition to this, in India, November 7 is celebrated as cancer awareness day in a national perspective.

Its origin

World cancer day was created on 4 February 2000 at the world cancer summit against cancer, which was held in Paris. The charter of Paris against cancer was signed by Jacques Chirac. It was created to promote research, make progress in cancer prevention, and increase survival outcomes by improving patient services.

This uniting initiative is globally led by the Union of International Cancer Control (UICC).

The way this day is celebrated

Each year various camps, lectures, events, and seminars are organised by both government and non-governmental organisations all across the globe. Individuals in school, businesses, hospitals, market places, parks, community halls, places of worship come forward to raise awareness and preventive measures for cancer. It’s also noticed that gathering of people takes place at campaigns, several policies are created and control measures are implemented.

The significant impact of this day is also created on online platforms where social media plays a very vital and crucial role in spreading awareness to huge figures of eyeballs through different kind of posts, clips & videos.

Webinars are organised by various companies especially the health centred ones.

Insurance and policy brands come out with different strategies and policies during this time to benefit themselves as well as the people with the insurance bonds they make with them which is in another word is financial supporting help given to the people.

Now there is a speciality or a kind uniqueness added to this day by asserting different “world cancer day theme” each year; since the day it was created.

It can be well stated through the table format given below:




‘I Am & I Will.’


‘We Can. I Can.’


‘Not Beyond Us.’


‘Debunk The Myths.’


‘Cancer Myths — Get The Facts.’


‘Together Let’s Do Something.’


‘Cancer Can Be Prevented.’

In recent years cities have begun to support the day by lighting up some important landmarks in orange and blue.

Record says, at least 60 governments officially observe world cancer day.

This has to be put in believe that through positive actions and mindset, people can together reduce the number of premature deaths from cancer by one-third by 2030.

Contributed by Raushni Khatoon, Content Writer at Mitti ke Rang.

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