How real the climate change is?

Climate change is the largest observational threat human civilisation has faced in its thousands of years of existence. Climate is the global average of humidity, temperature and rainfall patterns over decades. Climate change implies a change in environmental conditions. This is caused by various internal and external elements. The climatic change has become a global concern in the past few years. Apart from this, the climatic changes affect life on the earth in multiple ways. The climatic changes have numerous impacts on the ecosystem and ecology. These climatic changes have resulted in the extinction of a large number of plants and animal species. Scientists use observations from the earth, air and space, and theoretical models, to observe and study past, present and the future climate changes. Climate records provide evidence of global climate change key indicators, extreme weather like hurricanes, global land and ocean temperature increases, rising sea levels, ice loss at Earth’s poles and in mountain glaciers, frequency and severity changes in- heatwaves, wildfires, droughts, floods and precipitation, and cloud and vegetation cover changes and many other.

The issue of climate change has gained immense attention in recent years. This has increased the difficulties for interested citizens and policymakers to differentiate between facts and fiction. Climate change is amongst the most revolutionary research fields in modern science, but this field has existed for more than a century and a lot of knowledge has been entrenched with high certainty and confidence.

According to research, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding climate change. The sun is responsible for global warming. While it’s true that in the 1970s, some scientists ascribed global warming to increased solar activity, the truth is that the amount of energy from the sun striking the Earth has been decreasing while temperatures have still been rising for the past 35 years. Greenhouse effect induced by human activity is a major factor responsible for climate change. It’s cold outside so global warming isn’t real is another myth for climate change. Temperature change is not constant across the globe. There are many such misleading myths for climate change. But it is very essential to grasp the right knowledge and act responsibly. Humans are producing pollution which is causing climate change that is dangerous now and will gradually become much more dangerous in the future if we do not act and take necessary measures. It is an undeniable fact that addressing climate change will strengthen the economy in the coming years, but the climate scientists are underpaid for their work. The climate change reports are credible and detailed considering a wide range of factors and keeping in mind the possible future scenarios.

The evidence for climate change can not be ignored as the global temperature is rising, glaciers are retreating, the ocean acidification, the snow cover is decreasing and the sea levels are rising. Now it is high time that we start acting responsibly on this global issue. A rapid evolvement has been observed in the climate movement in the first decades of the 21st century. The People’s Climate March on 21st September 2014, mobilized 400,000 activists in New York this was the largest single event organized by the People’s Climate Movement, in order to demand climate action from the global leaders gathered for the 2014 UN Climate Summit. Greta Thunberg has inspired many students for the school strikes for climate since August 2018. There
have been many Youth climate strikes as well. It is essential to take the necessary measures in order to contain and reduce climate change.

Live a more sustainable and environment-friendly life!

Contributed by- Vishakha Vijay Changedia, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang



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