How is banning apps a solution?

Recently, India banned 118 Chinese apps which popular ones like PUBG Mobile, Tik Tok, We Chat, and Helo included. However, some Indian users are against the Ban of PUBG as they are the Pro and Royal pass players. On the contrary, The Ministry of Information and Technology in their statement proved it to be the safety, security, and sovereignty of cyberspace. PUBG itself clogs 13 million daily users, which according to defense experts, leads to detrimental personal security breaches in the current scenario.

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Wondering how this leads to such a level of the breach? This reaches to the utmost level of breach of faith on the part of Chinese Technology because these apps gave out information about the users such as current location, name, and other minute data, that can be easily used against India. These apps are further found to be user exploitation. As Chinese technology is 5G, this makes it easy for them to track the personal data of individuals. So by banning these apps, users are being secured from getting exploited.

According to a Signal officer of the Indian Army, application banning is necessary because China is capable of installing a bug that can track various other data from the users which can lead to major security breaches and other crises.

There are downsides to banning of multiple applications like these, the major one being a loss of a source of income for many, while the reasons the government implies are non-debatable, but the window period given to shift to an alternative isn’t. The debate on whether the motive behind is served continues, and questions on how various other apps continue to extract data are still in the market, and various other concerns.

While the government states that the Indian market can take up the opportunity to become Athmanirbhar and develop alternatives, the resources and technological advancement for the same isn’t conducive enough. While we wait for such positive impacts, users have resorted to various other alternatives.

Contributed by Anjeela Prabhakar content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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