How important are student protests in a democracy

Student protest is a form of student fighting for rights. Such protests encircle a comprehensive range of activities that indicate student dissatisfaction with a given political or academics issue. These protests communicate this frustration to the University authorities and society in general and optimistically find a solution to the problem.

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The student protest is important for students to fight for their rights. We as students should understand what education is and what its aims are, why education is necessary for the development of society and why always student protests became an important part of most major social and political changes in the country. Protests can be seen to have brought about a big change in society. Nevertheless, like much of the studies on youth political participation, various researches have explored the extent to which student political participation varies across nations and even states.

Recently, students of Delhi University, JNU, and AMU participated in the national protests called by the trade unions on January 08, 2020. Students in huge aggregate hoisted hands, placards, and slogans against government policies and violence. The national student protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and violence on campuses has become an integral part of Indian history.

The rise of student protests since the JNU protests and the apparent suppression of the police against harmonious student protesters give a glance at the history and the changes these protests brought. The protests today underscore the right to education and unity in diversity. The violence on the campuses of JNU and AMU to probe the students was a night terror and a big message to the youth about what India looks like. Their liberalism and critical thinking are rebuked as “danger to the national security”. During, the CAA protest the universities were vandalized and police barged into the college campus and hit students brutally.

The history of India has witnessed that the student protests overturned powerful structures. Student protests have a very significant impact on society. People gather the courage from them to speak up against the evils in society and understand their responsibilities as students. The reason it’s important in a democracy is that students are a major part of the youth population and their opinion on decisions and laws are not just based on their political outlook but a greater understanding of the issue at hand and analysis, it gives out perspectives and acts as a watchdog on policymakers

Student protests have always been there, multiple political leaders have emerged from student protests, voicing out what’s wrong, to becoming the change-makers, but in the current scenario, there is oppression being seen around student protests, the liberty to protest against something wrong is being harnessed, and this change isn’t for the better. While the face of protests has changed the cause remains the same.

Contributed by Anjeela Prabhakar content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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