How can we not blame the government in this pandemic

The advent of the millennium, We have witnessed that during a crisis, the community comes together and supports the people in need starting from the Tsunami in 2004 or Kerala floods. There have been many helping hands, be it people serving food to the affected ones or donating necessary amenities, also providing financial support. The current pandemic is nothing different from religious institutions giving food to people going out of their way to support the migrant laborers.

The government, from the time of independence, is working hard for the betterment of the citizens through the bureaucrats. India is flourishing and today is among the top 10 GDPs of the world because of the structure that exists since the time of independence. They have been working relentlessly to keep India safe, and today also they are working hard to support the people in need. India was among the countries that placed lockdown before there was a spike in cases; keeping a proactive approach helped us to keep this pandemic in check. Some of the examples include bureaucrats of Punjab, Gujarat, and Delhi, which were not only transparent with the details but made sure that there was full transparency between local administration and the citizens of the respective state.

There have been shortcomings in the process which are visible fault lines, which have been exacerbated by the mainstream media. But this does not take away commendable work the government has been doing during the pandemic, a bunch of rotten tomatoes has been spoiling the whole cadre. A limited number of cases come to light spoiling the name of great officers. They are not strong as an entity, and political motivations come in a way resulting in some controversial decisions, such as transferring the officers. Nevertheless, it cannot be expected from the bureaucratic structure to solve the COVID-19 crisis.

This crisis is unprecedented in the history of independent India, so it is a requirement of everyone on all the three pillars, i.e., Market, Government, and Community, to work together and help out each other as much as one can to solve this crisis. A change of habits can only tackle this pandemic, and it is need of the hour for citizens to be responsible and take extra measures to keep themselves and their community safe and clean. One of such steps has to avoid spitting in public since there is a considerable possibility of COVID-19 to spread through this. This not only falls to change of habits; there is a requirement of a change of mindset too; it is high time where we come together and stop dividing on the basis of religion, caste, professions, and age groups, COVID-19 is not going to discriminate so either should the citizens.

Contributed By- Vinay Hooda, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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