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Automation has been a tool of vital help in this modern world. Automation in simple terms means to make a process happen automatically with minimal human intervention. With time, we humans have become more dependent on automation & we can very easily observe and appreciate the ease with which automation has made our lives so much easier. Technology is improving day by day and so is the process of automation simultaneously. Automation has played a crucial role in development in this modern era.

We all are surrounded by automatic machinery around us. From our homes to industries and companies, automation has shown its presence and skills well above par. From very small things to very large scale processes, we have a touch of automation in it. Washing machines, dishwashers, self-driven vehicles, etc. at home to large automatic machinery, robots, automated processes, etc. at a higher level, automation has surely been an asset to all of us. We are mostly dependent on automatic machinery for most of our daily activities these days. Artificial Intelligence (Machine Intelligence) has emerged as a boon for all of us. Automation has made our lives simpler; all thanks to our ever flourishing and innovative technology.

The major advantage of automation is faster productivity and decreased labor costs. It also is a good alternative to hard, tough, and physical work which is very tedious. Automation increases productivity, consistency, output, and accuracy. It also carries out tasks with greater ease and better output.

All things have two faces, so does automation. Some demerits of automation are the high costs and the loss of employment. A study has estimated that somewhere between 400 million to 800 million jobs will be lost due to robotic automation by 2030. It’s funny how we humans have created technology that is displacing us from the very floor we stand on.

What processes can be automated, is still up to us and is limited only by our very own imagination. Technology, when used for the right purpose, is really beneficial and when used for a wrong deed can be critically harmful too. Automation has no doubt been a complete asset for humanity but we should also demarcate a fine line so that we are not totally dependent upon technology and do not ultimately become slaves of modern technology. On one hand, automation is making our work easier and on the other hand it is also compromising employment. A fewer number of people are now required to do the same amount of automated work. This has led to a severe loss of jobs which is a very critical problem that has arisen due to automation. And in a populated country like India where unemployment is already a very big problem, we need to resolve this problem rather than boosting it.

We have to look forward to a holistic approach where we balance automation with employment so that we get the best out of technology and artificial intelligence.

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