How Agritech Startups Are Changing Agricultural Industry?

Agritech is the utilization of innovation and mechanical development to improve the productivity and yield of agriculture. Basically, it is the use of innovation to improve all components of the cultivating and developing procedure.
The use of Agritech can be to develop more food from less space, or utilizing less water. It tends to be the utilization of robots to swap physical work for planting or picking crops.

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Agritech Startups In India


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Established by Kamesh Mupparaju and Linus Lindgren in 2018, SFarmsIndia is an online web application with two center capacities; posting and division exchanging. These two capacities cooperate making an extraordinary collaboration. On the posting, stage purchasers can discover/search farming terrains and dealers can list/post the agriculture lands available to be purchased/rent.

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Established by Pravin Shinde and Vishnu Dhas, is the world’s first stage where one can purchase, sell, lease, look at, and survey work vehicles and ranch hardware, all with a basic snap. It has been built up to energize ranch motorization and utilization of innovation and howdy tech items in agribusiness to improve yield in fewer worker hours. Based on innovative rakish innovation, agritech organization Khetigaadi entryway is as sheltered as a web-based financial gateway


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Farm2Fam was established in January 2019 by Keya Salot. She is a law graduate and worked with rumored law offices preceding beginning Farm2Fam. Farm2Fam is a Mumbai based startup that develops microgreens that are liberated from pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic compounds and convey it straightly to the client’s doorstep. Farm2Fam means to make mindfulness about the limit of the human body to mend itself with characteristic sustenance.


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Cofarm is a site that was established by Prashant Jain and Varun Khurana in May 2016 and is a F2B for example farm to Business adventure. Their foundation has more than 10,000 farmers on their system and has additionally cooperated with Reliance Retail, Big Basket, Grofers, Big Bazar, Jubilant Foodworks, and Metro Foods.


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BOHECO — Bombay Hemp Company — is a Mumbai-based social venture established in 2013 to investigate and advance modern hemp. Boheco utilizes open private associations, legally binding cultivating and handling, auxiliaries, and shared exploration models with the means to fabricate a modern hemp biological system. Boheco is an agro-based startup that is reexamining the eventual fate of agribusiness and practical living with hemp as their focal point in India. The startup outfits the intensity of horticulture by supporting modern Hemp and its advantages to society.

Aarav Unmanned Systems

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Aarav Unmanned Systems is a startup that is an automated elevated vehicle hatched at IIT Kanpur with a group of originators, designers, specialists, and architects from IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IISC Bangalore, and IIST. They mean to manufacture the fate of automatons and their applications in the endeavor space. The organization’s automatons give high-esteem building answers for undertakings across geographic data framework reviewing/planning, modern examination and exactness horticulture


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Aibono is an agritech established by IIT Madras graduate Vivek as Airwood, Aerostructures, and rebranded as Aibono, which is an organization that gives cultivating related knowledge, innovation, mastery and devices to ranchers. The startup advises ranchers on the perfect measure of contributions to use for the greatest yield. They started in the specialty territory of giving Farm Management-as-a-Service whereby a rancher gets the opportunity to re-appropriate his whole estimation, creating the executives and dynamic procedures to a Service.


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AgricxLab is a Thane-based online B2B stage established by Ritesh Dhoot and Saurabh Kumar for interfacing cold stockpiling proprietors with mass purchasers for agri-items. They use cell phone imaging to evaluate the nature of Agri-produce through its versatile application which utilizes man-made consciousness and PC vision to on pictures to yield objective, exact, and quicker quality appraisal of agri-produce.


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Cropin is an agritech startup that incorporates the farming part with Information and Communication Technology by putting a system of ERP and BI for example Business Intelligence across country India. Cropin is a Full-Stack AgTech association giving keen SaaS based answers for agritech organizations all-inclusive. Cropin utilizes forefront advances, Big Data examination, Artificial Intelligence, Geo-labeling, and Satellite observing to upset the agri-environment.


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FASAL is a Bengaluru-based agritech stage established by Ananda Verma and Shailendra Tiwari in 2018 which is created by Wolkus Technology Solutions and is an AI-controlled stage for rural biological systems. It records an assortment of developing conditions on the homestead and afterward utilizes computerized reasoning and information science to make on-ranch expectations, before conveying the bits of knowledge anyplace on any gadget including Android, iOS, tablets and web.

Gold Farm

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Gold Farm is a Bangalore-based agritech organization established in 2012 which depends on the versatile application to give horticulture ranch gear through booking ranch specialists. This agritech startup is established by Coimbatore-based Abhilash Thirupathy. They give sunlight based water siphons to agriculturists cultivating in power deficit locales in our nation. Gold Farm gives an open door entryway to the ranchers booking ranch hardware through the call administration and versatile application.


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Ninjacart is a Bangalore-based India’s biggest B2B Fresh Produce Supply Chain Agri-showcasing startup established by Thirukumaran Nagaranjan in 2015. It as of now moves over 60 tons of produce a day from homestead to store in under 14 hours at a lower than conventional gracefully chains. Ninjacart helps in excess of 2,000 ranchers to sell in excess of 80 vegetables and organic products consistently in excess of 800 retailers and eateries in Bengaluru.


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Waycool is India’s quickest developing food appropriation organization that has a system for 35,000 ranchers across vegetables, natural products, rice, beats, and other food items. It was set up in July 2015 with the point of fixing the disordered transitory gracefully chain. They have a retail nearness, as of now present in Chennai through the brand SunnyBee, working retail locations, portable stores on trucks, just as an online business.

Intello Labs

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Intello Labs does a quality appraisal of food items utilizing PC vision and AI. Intello Labs help food organizations like cultivators, merchants, retailers, food administration organizations, exporters, and so on to improve their consumer loyalty and chop down misfortunes. Intello Labs reports being forcefully developing in India while likewise seeking worldwide markets, including any semblance of China, Southeast Asia, and the USA.

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