Hopelessness: A vulnerable trap

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Hopelessness, a catastrophic emotion that disintegrates the power that lies within.

There may be moments in life when you doubt your existence. Scored less? Didn’t achieve the goal you sought after? Feeling estranged? Everyone has experienced it at least once in their life, how do you retort to these situations? If your reactions are, my life is over or it’s no use going on, then you may get trapped into the cage of hopelessness. Sometimes a person with the strongest resolution may fall off. It’s normal to fall, but how you retort to it at that jiff decides your upcoming life. You can either feel hopeless and turn down or you can flip the page and upraise yourself. It’s you who decide your own fate. Learn from your failures and manifest it becoming your breakthrough.

Your wheel of fortune is resolved by your own feat.

Can you achieve the desired goal by being in a state of despair? Can feeling gloomy make you rich? If that was possible, I would be the gloomiest person on this planet. Is feeling sad the secret ingredient to success? No, but psychological well-being is surely an ingredient.

The psychic game

Mental health has been in the limelight these days. Depression and other mental illnesses are just the enhanced version of hopelessness.

Just as malignant tumors need to be torn down at the very initial stage, hopelessness needs to be too.

Amidst pandemic, one of the groups most seriously affected by feelings of hopelessness is young adults, with almost a third (32%) of people aged 18 to 24 in the UK admitting that they have felt hopeless, according to a survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation in partnership with other universities.

Below are a few suggestions that can prove to help overcome hopelessness:

The power of meditation:

Speaking directly from personal experience, meditation always comes to the rescue. Give it a shot and perceive the sunshine waiting for you.

Drive the inner you:

Be true to yourself and push yourself forward. Talk to yourself at least once in a day.

Dance of jolly:

Leaving all the anxieties aside and doing what you love can sometimes attest to be the ultimate cure. It can be binge-watching your favorite show or eating your favorite junk food.

Talk to your loved ones:

Talking to the person you cherish can relieve the feeling of hopelessness.

The rule of giving:

Helping someone is the most utter form of happiness in the world. Not only does it heal your pain but gives you immense satisfaction.

After rebounding your inner heat again, do analyze the whole situation and learn from it.

Toss the burden

Hopelessness can have menacing upshots. Broadly, it sways your short term desires but sometimes the impact can be abiding.

Your soul desires liberalism; follow your heart and be true to yourself. You’re obligated to take responsibility for yourself. The fire enshrined within you can be used as the unswerving weapon against your failures.

I emphatically urge you, don’t misinterpret your life ever.

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