Project Hi Tech Community Center


A revolution to the world’s understanding of a Slum area.

This is the first time that in a slum area we would be witnessing such a space. It won’t be less than an actual Corporate office/Co working area.

Packing and unpacking books during childhood is something we all do, but keeping it open to read, learn, be motivated was something that was missing. We thought if we could share what we couldn’t receive, with those who remain where we were, nothing would be more exciting than seeing this dream turn into a reality for all who truly deserve it.


Not because books weren’t available but because the major point missing was an environment where we could meet, interact and learn from people who are already an expert and think big.

We believe, if given an amazing environment, support and knowledge, one can save a lot of time and work on the stuff which really needs most attention.


This space would be in a community and will mostly be used by children, youth, women and elderly people, wherein majorly all the educational, motivational, learning activities will be done through television. We will also start the interactive Session of all these individuals in our community with one representative of ours, each from about 11 Countries so far.

We will be training the community people in basic much needed technologies, ascending towards higher levels. Also through Skype the world leaders, representative members will be interacting with each other to save more time and gain more impact.

Lets Begin: Before

Time to see some progress:

“Childhood boredom is full of dreams, a sort of projection into another place, into another reality.”

Our Hi Tech Community Co working space in progress ❤️

Excited and Thrilled…!!

Here we go…!!

Truly an unreal moment. There have been many ups and downs but all of the hard work and perseverance we believe will be paid off!!

Just an abstract thought 6 months ago, has now crystallized into a concrete reality!

This is what vision, hard work and team spirit form together. A big thank you
to the entire team who contributed towards this creation.

Our Website for more information:

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.

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