Have content creators now reduced to a pitch for promotion for others or do they go hand in hand?

Content creating is the new Theatre of our era like it was in the era of Shakespeare. If an influencer is creating content, people know them. They gain popularity and relevance. People want them to make more content and they want to know how these creators perceive things. They even want to know what products they’re using to stay attractive, how they keep their hair fresh, their skin glowing, and how they stay healthy. This is why, when they go around advertising for products they’re being paid to advertise, people follow the influence of them.

The content that is being created, the opinions that get started, and the words they use are so much of an impact on some that people end us coming for more. The latest most popular creator and his puns become the new trend and so-called ‘lingo’. Some creators, just by their content have taken over YouTube like a wave. First, we all couldn’t stop laughing at Bhuvan Bam’s exceptional explicit content. He was after all the first YouTuber who made content rather than just music. He broke the rules and then he changed them. He created a pathway for many Youtubers like him. And in no time at all Carry Minati got famous. The list goes on.

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

But then the advertisements on Youtube started to take a toll. It started to irritate us and it still does. However, these advertisements don’t stop us from watching the content. The only people who get affected by the bad quality of content are the creators because they can lose their accountability sooner than they earned it. As for the marketing world, it will move on to the next best thing and would continue to irritate us.

Therefore, it isn’t a lesser-known fact that the influencers are making more money by promoting brands than by creating content. But what gives them the accountability of influencing people’s choices? And the answer is again, their well-known content. Because from a viewer’s point of view, these creators make their day. They take their mind off of the bigger problems they’re incapable of escaping at times. And that’s why they get the love they do. So if Kusha Kapila put up a story on her IG account saying that NYX eyeshadows are much better than Maybelline, I’m going to believe her. And who knows if I stop shopping from Maybelline altogether.

Hence, promoting and creating content does go hand in hand. Because influencers hold the power to change the market overnight. And by overnight, I mean, just by putting up an IG story. For eg, Needledust was a lesser-known brand before Priyanka Chopra wore their jutis at her wedding. This made Needledust elevate from being a local business to an international brand in a speck of time. So if tomorrow morning, Deepika Padukone ends up promoting Make In India and asks her fans to only buy such products, many might stop dreaming of owning a pair of Chanel boots.

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Contributed by Manisha Chalia, content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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