Tiktok in India was one of the unparalleled community. It was one of the most used apps in the country, and because of its high audience engaging image, it was also a platform for many small vendors to reach out to the targeted audience. It was a platform, responsible for the emergence of many influencers within the community. Many silver screen actors with other aspiring actors have been benefiting through the app. Many who would not have gotten a better opportunity to exhibit their skillset emerged as growing influencers and became popular as the content increased. The ban came as a shock to both the creators and influencers, while the browser version got popularised after the ban of the app, other apps with similar format emerged and started making business.

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Ban of TikTok was in heart shock for many but the shock was not the only constraint to the domain of community influencers but it was also a platform that was known for setting trends. so after the ban, the content circulation within the community was slopped down. As there was no other app like TikTok in the country, now with the same level of user engagement. And the ban has allowed various other such apps to grow, and most of all the benefit has been to the emergence of Instagram’s new reels version, which has emerged as the platform that came to the rescue. The problem with the Instagram version was the reach that the creators can’t get that they otherwise got on TikTok. While there aren’t any strict rules on other applications, they have made clear regulations about what can be uploaded and what can’t.

While the Indian government has been announcing that this has been done to address the issue the country has with China. While the Chinese have been attacking the Indian military, the answer that the Indian Government gave was through banning more than 20 apps as the Indian market serves as the highest market base for all these applications, and the reason stated was that the Chinese have been encrypting messages of the users through these apps, and that was the major reason that was mention of the ban. TikTok has cost a loss of Rs.45000 crores.

While the art finds its way back through other applications, many content creators did not have to promote their art, while anyone who had talent, a smartphone, and an internet connection was able to become viral with the internet’s algorithm. But with paid promotions in Instagram and other applications not having the fan base, it has come back to people who either have the fan base or have the money to promote the content so that brand endorsements come their way. While some TikTok influencers did get support from movie stars and other influencers, have got lost in the sea of content that now flows through the internet.

Contributed by Gayatri Shukla content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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