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With businesses going bankrupt, hospitals turning into graveyards, and people being restricted to the domain of their homes, the last few months have been nothing less than a dystopian nightmare. The lack of physical and social activity has caused Poor Mental Health amongst the generation to be at an all-time high. Taking into account the fact that the current generation is considered the unhealthiest generation to ever exist, the alarming rise is disconcerting.

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Physical activity increases the levels of the “feel-good” chemicals (known as endorphin) as well as the flow of oxygen to one’s brain. Due to this reason, it’s not surprising that people who are in good physical shape also tend to enjoy a higher level of mental agility. By virtue of the time constraints enforced by the monotonous modern lifestyle, gyms have slowly turned into a mecca for fitness enthusiasts. With all kinds of equipment available at one’s disposal, people tend to gain maximum results in restricted time. Taking all its benefits into account, it won’t be inaccurate to state that gyms are indispensable to the lives of fitness enthusiasts, or at least gyms were.

As a consequence of the lockdown, gyms are currently shut down across the nation and the future ahead seems bleak for fitness enthusiasts. Gyms, by definition, are a hotbed for germs. A contained space full of people drooling in sweat can easily turn into a hotspot for the spread of COVID-19. With the country on the verge of un-lockdown, many people ponder if gyms will ever be the same again?

It would be fair to point out, that coming out of the pandemic the fitness industry is more educated and aware than ever. Searching for substitutes, people learned about viable alternatives like bodyweight training, isometric training, and online sessions through apps like, but none of the alternatives can substitute the progressive overload that one can attain through raising the weights. An in-home gym is neither economically feasible nor viable. Through consistent effort, one can easily outgrow the weights and will require heavier ones in no time. In such a situation the safety regulations are up for review, and a huge revamped is in order.

While the situation could be worrisome for people looking to build muscles, the cardio enthusiasts remain unaffected. HIIT, short for High-Intensity Interval Training is a viable alternative for any kind of cardio. The temporary oxygen deficit created by a HIIT routine takes up to 40 hours to balance out. Considering that the body keeps on shredding calories until the balance is restored, a HIIT workout is definitely more beneficial than cycling or walking. Being virtually independent of equipment and weight, an effective cardio routine can easily be maintained while being restricted to the domain of one’s home. In the near future, when the country is back up and running, an online Zumba class or a hit session would still be recommended over a gym visit.

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For the hardcore gym enthusiast looking to develop aesthetically, the road seems to be topsy turvy. As the gyms will be looking to surge the rigidity involving sanitary and safety regulations, the membership costs will increase. With a cap on the number of people allowed to work out simultaneously and the time crunch experienced by the working population, the hardcore enthusiasts will need to dig deeper into their pockets. Considering the current hit on the economy, gyms will seemingly turn into a luxury far from the reach of the common man. Even for the people who will have the means to afford the luxury, could not be sure of the safety.

So if you are a hardcore enthusiast determined to return to the gym, then be ready to invest more time and currency. Prepare yourself to witness gym bags full of sanitizers and tensed people holding up the equipment for long. Do away with the chivalry of alternative sharing of equipment as it involves a potential risk of spread.

Collectively, it would be better if one does away with gyms for a while and works hard on maintaining the fitness levels and defining physique instead of trying to enhance it. If someone is looking for advice on bodyweight routines and isometric training, one should check out AthleanX at youtube. A trained, informed, and educated physician who creates great routines for all fitness levels. To conclude, although the re-opening of gyms seem to be around the corner, the potential threats seem to outweigh the benefits of a gym. Therefore, a home workout with consistent form will be favorable until things settle down.

Contributed By- Gursimar Singh Bedi, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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