A night that fills the sky with colors!. A night without the moon but still reminisces us of the full moon day! Yes, your guess is right! It’s Diwali, the Festival of Lights or rather would I say, the Festival of Pollution!

It’s a free verse for all to blame the youth also to encourage them to say they are the future. And then those Big Words come where this young generation of today has to save the Planet Earth and of course the Nation tomorrow.

But then, arent these elders to be blamed? Aren’t they the ones who bought us “youngsters” the crackers on Diwali in our teens?

Basically, nobody is to be blamed. Neither the Government nor the society. While our social Influencers create new trends every year promoting green Diwali, we have been ignoring it to celebrate the Diwali that ‘We’ know of! Seems too old, but it is a fact that everything’s going to come back to its initial stage. Now the same age-old tradition of celebrating Diwali only with Diyas has become a necessity. You might still end up bursting crackers and celebrating, but at what cost remains a question.

Most importantly, while the whole world is still coping up with the New Normal, putting forlorn efforts against this deadly pandemic, Green Diwali would be a wise decision. As a matter of fact, since Corona primarily affects one’s lungs, harmful gases that are released owing to our “way” of celebration might make it severe.

It’s a budding chance for Indian artisans. A chance to lakhs of immigrants who have come all the way for better lives. Just like a ray of sunshine after getting lost in a tunnel of darkness. Be it a fruit vendor or a flower seller, the delicacies for our sweet tooth, or our favorite curry that our mom cooks, the lights that brighten our houses, the rangoli that adds color to our lives, the bursting crackers warding off evil from our lives. It’s too hard to believe but, Yes. Diwali believed to be a festival to wear off sadness from our lives, and our local vendors leave no chance to lose this opportunity.

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Our women entrepreneurs at Mitti Ke Rang Community Centre in Pune

The festival of Love and Togetherness brings in a chance to renovate one’s house, to bring in new clothes, accessories, ornaments, gadgets, vehicles, and whatnot. Well, Indians believe bringing Lakshmi ~ wealth and prosperity as an auspicious sign. No matter how much we deny the beliefs, customs, and traditions of India regarding them to be superstitious and facade, they still stand as pillars paving the path to millions of people to lead their lives.

As Diwali is on its way now, let’s encourage our own selves to help local vendors instead of foreign products. Let’s light our homes with diyas, the vibrance of rangolis and make it a peaceful, enduring a pollution-free Diwali

Contributed by Chintalapati Sri Mrudula content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

At Mitti Ke Rang, this Diwali we aim at selling 1 million candles as an initiative to protect lives and livelihood. If you would like to support our women entrepreneurs or thank our front line workers with a gift pack then you can do so by purchasing our Tea Lamps.

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