Gig Economy- Future of Work

Ever heard of this millennial term Gig Economy? Yes, right we often come across this word in many social media posts or debates on the future of the workplace in the coming years. So, what is Gig Economy exactly? It is a market where people don’t work in permanent jobs else, they work in a freelance or contract-based work. Is it good? It has a different mindset where people are in control of their skills and knowledge. This type of work arrangement relies on results rather than the process. So, have seen any industry already working under this work arrangement structure. I hope you have it is entertainment or designing etc. etc.

So, you would feel if this is a viable option or not? This lockdown gave us a lot of time to ponder upon various changes we will come up with after the crisis is over. One of them is companies would try to reduce operational costs by contract employees. This type of employment results in not stability but flexibility. You would require to build a portfolio by projects or experience in those domains to get your job. The formal education system will take over by skill and experience. The gig economy will demand strong knowledge on topics rather than certificates on it. But it takes the most treasured part of the common man that is stability or security due to the lack of steady income, sick leave, and many more.

As we are approaching a very technology-oriented world where communications have been the strongest, we will see more gig workers as they have ample platforms to build skills or find work. Then the GenZ and Millennials are set to dominate the work over a few years with more resilience to change and uncertainty. The upcoming generation will look for more of meaning and ownership in their work which is hard to find in a full-time work arrangement. So, let’s prepare our skillsets to set ourselves to this new change. Remember you need to change your mindset before everything to adapt to this change.

Contributed By- Soham Roy, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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