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I often find myself stumbling around the question of what kind of jobs can I do as a student of humanities. Amidst this pandemic, when everyone is up with productivity and efficiency I often ask myself that what is it that I can really do to monetarily channelize the skills that I have acquired and the topics that I have learned over this one year of Humanities course. Initially, it seemed quite straining and mentally taxing to find my way of the lousy routine I had caught myself in. And I guess so did every second University going student. And here I am already motivated to share some insights on the idea of freelancing.

As a student of Political Science and Sociology, I have a decent knowledge of topics that revolve around these subjects, and hence as an intern, I wished to blog and engage in research work on issues of my academic and personal interest. The point of emphasis here is that though freelancing is something which you may monetarily benefit from, the job you wish to take on hand should be something of your interest. And if you are looking up for some good earning, you can definitely expand your scope and pace of working.

Freelancing for college students is one of the best options to sharpen your skills and build your professional understanding. Apart from the acquired knowledge you have or any type of art you are good at, choosing to freelance enables you to develop market skills like teamwork, coordination, commitment, tenacity, and establishing effective communications and conversations. Personally, it helped me a lot in building my own social capital and meet people who have a good reach in the domain I wish to make a career in.

Also once you get into brainstorming on the option of choosing to freelance you automatically try to capitalize on the different things you are good at. It could be as simple as having good handwriting. The best perk of possessing this skill would be to write projects or assignments for your next-door neighbor. I know a couple of friends in college who have been hooding over their artistic or baking skills and expanding their reach in their respective markets by selling beach pendants or delivering fresh baked cookies at your doorstep. The point of consideration here is that one need not be a highly skilled person or a professional in order to be a freelancer. Freelancing provides enough flexibility to choose what service you wish to offer and also quit doing that in case you find yourself incapable to manage it or you are unwilling to offer it. One is not bound by any commitment or contract which in the case of a part-time job one seems to be. If you sign up as a content writer, you can easily work on a few articles of your interest and get paid and further choose to engage in other skills of your interest.

Freelancing enables one to smoothly balance social and professional life. Now, this is something that I can recommend to everyone who wishes to freelance. Amidst this pandemic, it is necessary that we look after our mental and emotional well being and avoid getting too hard on ourselves while trying to be enterprising. There is a possibility that a full or part-time job might burden one with this inconvenience. We all know how negligent and dismissive our society is on issues of mental health. To evade any such unnecessary engagement, one can easily opt for freelancing.

So if you are a student who wishes to maneuver your skills, hobbies, profession, or career in this pandemic and at the same time prevent yourself from huge work responsibilities, you can start small by freelancing and get to know yourself better, materialistically and otherwise.

Contributed By- Mansi Bhalerao, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.