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Two positives came out of self-quarantine. The first is obvious — it broke the virus chain. The second is unexpected — it made everyone a food enthusiast. Every person stuck at home, with free time at hand (this is an essential ingredient) started cooking and Once you start cooking, you’ve got to post it on social media.

If you’ve been thinking of food blogging, now is the right time. Swing by to this post.

Making creative meals out of your current ingredients.

For instance, when there’s no cooking soda, you use yogurt. Similarly, when you’re out of eggs for a cake, you use buttermilk and when you don’t have an oven, you use the stovetop. So, where does a stay-at-home food blogger begin? With the ingredients that you have at hand. You learn to make do with what you have in the pantry.

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Why do you think the #daglonacoffeechallenge happened? Since people couldn’t incessantly blog about the most beautifully poured latte in Starbucks, so they whipped up one at home!

Video is red-hot and will continue getting hotter.

Note the image angles and create catchy appealing HD quality images. From decorating to packaging, from cooking to serving, to making food videos of the entire process, the trend is attracting viewers because it gives an in-depth understanding of the nuances that come hand in hand with cooking. For example, how do you define the right golden hue of sautéed onions in words? An easier method is to demonstrate it through a video.

Trending in the cooking blogosphere: Pinterest

We often misunderstand Pinterest as a social media platform when it’s actually a search engine — and a pretty great one for anyone seeking recipes. Pins (as Pinterest posts are called) should be vertical, colorful and attainable. “The reason food does best on Pinterest,” said panelist and lifestyle blogger Alexandra Evjen, “it’s evergreen.”


There are many SEO best practices and advice, but ultimately every single site, every single keyword can follow different “rules” or have different things work for them. Hence, no one can actually guide you with the followup, the best thing you can do to master SEO is to try things, document how they work, and continually refine your process.


There are about 500 million blogs and YouTube channels right now, but only 1 million podcasts. When you look at the comparison there, it’s pretty obvious that competition increases with the increase in crowd! Hence, choose the type of Blog that interest you and has the least crowd:

  • recipe blogs
  • food or drink tasting blogs
  • cookbook review blogs
  • healthy eating blogs
  • cuisine-specific
  • location-specific
  • sustainable cuisine


Blogging is a key marketing and brand development tool for any cause. It’s essential to practice for restaurants, catering companies, meal delivery services, and other food and beverage businesses to turn to influential food-bloggers and use their audience to raise awareness for their business. Popular food-bloggers are able to draw a specific audience and build their reputation by consistently posting quality content. Over time, consumers often build a connection with the blog host(s) they closely follow affecting their buying decisions. In the eyes of professional marketers, these influencers are key to spreading the word of the company they represent to the appropriate buyers. This is what the blogger can “sell” to companies whose products and services they’d endorse or be sponsored by.

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