• Jaya Patidar

    Jaya Patidar

    A learner who loves to procrastinate Read|Learn|Explore|Write|Eat|Repeat|

  • Drishti D

    Drishti D

  • Saloni kapadia

    Saloni kapadia

  • Sunil Sathyendra

    Sunil Sathyendra

    Author, Zerowaste Enthusiast, Deep thinker, Change maker, Believer in the power of possibilities and people. Volunteer https://linktr.ee/pungidasa

  • pooja agrawal

    pooja agrawal

  • Shruti Shreya

    Shruti Shreya

    Currently pursuing Pharmacy from Bit Mesra || Content Writer

  • Dhanalakshmi Gogulamudi

    Dhanalakshmi Gogulamudi

    IIT Delhi 21 | Building a meaningful alternative to traditional colleges | Startup Hustler @ AirCampus (https://aircampus.in)|

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