Facts about the International Civil Aviation Organization

Image Source- https://www.icao.int

International Civil Aviation Organization located in Montreal, Canada. ICAO is a specialized UN agency that establishes principles and techniques of international air navigation also ensures planning and developing air transport, also ensuring safety and growth. Currently, 193 stations are members of ICAO, and they work along with ICAO to reach a consensus on Standard and Recommendation Practises for the civil aviation sector. Along with this, ICAO also works on many other priorities and programs. Additionally, the aviation objectives of ICAO are producing global plans to coordinate multilateral strategic processes for safety and air navigation monitors and reports on numerous air transport sector performance metrics; and audits States’ civil aviation oversight capabilities in the areas of safety and security. ICAO establishes those rules and procedures which are then followed by all member nations; albeit some countries have different norms and procedures but overall, there is a visible consistency all over the world in planning civil aviation standards and regulations. ICAO has a Global Aviation Safety Plan; it’s long term goal of achieving zero fatalities in commercial operations by 2030 and beyond. To accomplish this goal, ICAO has established the National Aviation Safety Plan and Regional Aviation Safety Plan. Both of the plans have set-up a master planning document containing strategic direction for the management of aviation safety at a regional and national level over a certain period of time.

Currently, ICAO is working with different member-states and, as a result of this forming a task force of 36 countries with the responsibility of establishing COVID-19 Aviation guidelines. There are many countries such as Singapore, France that have adopted those guidelines providing safe travel between different nations during the pandemic.

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