Environmental consultancy: Solution for Pollution

What is an Environmental Consultancy? Environmental consulting is about factoring components of the Environment viz. Land, Water, Air, and interrelations with one another as also straddling into the domain of ecology. It is fundamentally about dynamics assessment (Environmental Impact Assessment-EIA) of the collective Environment with the Ecology due to anthropogenic and other natural causatives and judging it through the perspective of prevailing Enviro-legislations thereby coming out with robust Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for managing the short term & long term adverse impacts.

For setting up any major industry, as listed under the Environmental Protection Act, 1986 an Entrepreneur has to observe a set procedure for seeking Environmental Clearance from MOEF, GoI. Its inter-alia requires the formulation of EIA- the pre versus post-project change & EMP which invariably requires the assistance of proper environmental consulting firms.

Source- https://www.stmenvironmental.co.uk/

The Environmental Consultant: As stated above, as Environment coupled with Ecology has many facts; it is not one Man’s job but requires Team of Experts on Environment Science, Soil, Geology, Marine, Botany, Zoology, Chemist, Fisheries, Forestry, surface & ground-water, etc. to execute diverse jobs like comprehensive EIA & EMP for first seeking environmental clearance then help a Client in adhering to/executing mitigating provisions stipulated in the EMPs, submission of compliances returns on his behalf and assist in continuous long term monitoring of effluents/adverse impacts to avoid punitive provisions contained in the Environment Protection Act, 1986; Air Act, 1981; Water Act, 1974, etc. Naturally, the job of the Team is not confined to Desk but mainly extends to fields in the collection of Secondary (Literature) data & production of primary data on diverse facets deploying field crews maybe for a year or two.

The way to start it: As stated above, it is not one Man’s job but of a Competent team of each member of Core competency. The best way is to form an Environmental consulting firm of the Experts ibidem with 5–10 years of working experience, as this has its own weightage in the assessment of technical bid thereby outweighing Competing Firms. Assess works done by the established firms & their rates, as there are only broad parameters on diverse aspects to be explored & their extent of exploration is generally left to with the field requirements/surprises & up-to satisfaction of the Approving Authority. This will help a lot in quoting competitive rates while bidding. Start with small & over the years, gradually develop your niche & mark in the market. As you grow, enlarge your Team with more Competent Fellows/Professors/Emeritus, etc. on board.

Its future in India: With ever-increasing environmental awareness and tough environmental legislations in India, there is immense scope for Environmental Consultancy. Increasing population, pollution & faster spinning of the wheel of Economy through diverse anthropogenic activities having environmental ramifications shall inevitably require an Environmental Consultant at every step.

A career option: It is a very promising option and frequent field visits/explorations for primary data collection and frequent interactions with the local population, Mother Nature & exploration of other life forms keeps you fulfilling and grounded. On the other side demonstrating your analysis/reports/outcomes to Echelons in GoI/Clients etc. gives a tremendous sense of confidence & feel of real service to the Nation.

Contributed By- Siddhart Jangid, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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