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Mitti Ke Rang is a social venture which also hosts a series of interactive live sessions with remarkable individuals from various domains and one such podcast was with Pooja Goel, who conquered the fear of failure and commenced Pink collar professionals. She is an electronics and communication engineer who worked for 3 years in Infosys and finished off her MBA from IMT Ghaziabad.

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What is a pink collar professional?

Pink collar professionals is a social entrepreneurship initiative steered by Pooja Goel to assist women to start small businesses/startups to thrive in the digital age. They assist with digital and social media marketing so that they become digitally vocal about their local business and fight against the COVID crisis. She started this initiative on the International women’s day of 2020

She has envisioned working for the people from a young age and has successfully laid the first stone of happiness in doing good for others and nevertheless, it became a venture for the women entrepreneurs. She speculates that rather than herding over rights, we should make use of the opportunities accessible to us.

In this podcast, she talks about personal branding and the world which is still unfastened from the substantial meaning of “marketing”.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the receptive and purposeful action to build and impact public perception of an individual by placing them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility.

Personal branding can be better explained by Who are you? Personal branding is branding yourself. In today’s world, many women don’t talk about their achievements and there’s an urge to change that and talk about one’s achievements and increase the credibility of one’s work.


The definition of marketing is the activity of showing and advertising a company’s products in the best possible way. Marketing is going there where your customers are. She exhorts about the necessity of having an understanding of digital marketing and making use of mobile phones because people are present digitally with the world. If we are bringing the network into the world, we can make use of it.

Pink collar professional plan for the rural sector of society.

Pink collar professionals have commenced the digital education chapter for rural women entrepreneurs in collaboration with the Smile Foundation. This aims towards training rural women about the usage of digital and social media and enables them to learn how they can operate a small business online.

Future of the pink-collar profession

In the podcast, she asserts that the pink collar profession would be successful when every woman would be having the resources of running her own business/startup.

The podcast ended with a message from her “Let’s not just sit and worry about earning, let’s begin and accomplish because it is not wrong giving it a try. Just a little push within ourselves is needed to alter our dreams into reality.”

Listen to the complete podcast on our Spotify channel: https://open.spotify.com/episode/40KOmyD7D2KKfor7jCZnON?si=Mt2nG_0ISnKDUWgxwRkb0A

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A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency. https://mittikerang.org/

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Mitti Ke Rang

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency. https://mittikerang.org/