Embracing the roots of handloom and handicrafts in India, Sustainability and Partnership between generations

Mitti Ke Rang comes up with some interactive sessions and podcasts with topics that directly or indirectly impact our day-to-day lives. In this session we had a conversation with KANIKA PAL, Founder of Soche foundation, and also a CSR expert at HUL, building sustainable communities.

Kanika Pal started SOCHE FOUNDATION as a solution for having a clean and healthy environment in September 2015 and quit her well-paying job intending to embrace the roots of handicrafts in India; after a decade of experience in corporate social responsibility.

She explains how India is a very unique country and it’s beauty lies in local culture showcased by every region, village, and tribe.

She has always been curious to know more about handicrafts, especially when it comes to pottery. She started learning pottery from award-winning potters (Giriraj Ji, Bhuvanesh Prasad Ji, and many more) and has a strong desire to help various other people to expand their creativity through ecofriendly methods. According to her, the middle man can’t be eliminated from this chain. It’s necessary to have someone who can do marketing and e-business to promote their products.

During this pandemic, avenues like Potter’s colony where handicrafts and handlooms are closed. Buyers are not able to step out of homes and sellers aren’t able to showcase their creative handicrafts so that one can buy them.

She estimates that post-COVID-19 things will be better and more importance will be given to sustainable development. As she aims to improve environmental practices in the making of pottery products and the forgotten handicrafts to make them more environmentally friendly.

Its great contribution towards projects like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Local is Vocal’, promoting the legacy of handicraft by environment-friendly ideas is a huge contribution to Indian culture within. She loves talking to youngsters because they always have interesting, innovative ideas, and also are a source of learning but what lacks is direction.

Mrs. Kanika Pal and her team are embracing the beauty, culture, and ecosystem in terms of ecofriendly handlooms and handicrafts in India.

Listen to the complete podcast on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYvTop2y4ic

Contributed by Anagha Mule content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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