Eco-innovation: When sustainability meets creativity

Mitti Ke Rang
4 min readNov 17, 2020
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Our lifestyle and consumption patterns are mostly derived and accustomed to our ecological & environmental practices. Mostly our environment plays a huge role in shaping our attitudes, belief system and perceptions. Our creative geniuses, with all their masterpieces, reverberate and echo about their close affinity to nature. Needless to say, most creative people in the world receive their inspiration through the work of nature. And through these beautiful pieces of art and culture, humanity yet again discovers new ways to survive and sustain.

While, if we look at “sustainability “and” creativity” both are actually the two sides of the same coin. Both are essentially complementary to one another in building and ushering systematic changes. Remember the times, when due to the nationwide lockdown everybody started to work from home. While work from home is still sustaining and currently the talk of the town. This is what a viable, creative and sustainable solution would look like! Being sustainable and creative does not vouch for alternative newer / better options while scrapping the existing system or resources. The sustainable culture thrives on mindful consumption, cultivating wisdom, technology and creativity into building something new from the scratch, but within the capacity and competency of our resources available. Creativity and sustainability with their both synergized efforts and relationship are the two most vital pillars of development for humankind.

Now speaking about their symbiotic relationship and interaction with one another there is barely enough literature that supports this claim. However, I think it would be interesting to know and dwell upon both these concepts of how mutually co-related and co-existing are both these concepts and how their boundaries get overlapped in the transition to better economic-social mobility and development.

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, there has been a rapid paradigm shift in the thinking patterns of the people which has made them aware and conscious about their consumerist lifestyle. The pandemic also has resulted in staggering economic growth, particularly to the small scale industries and enterprises; making them more vigilant and accountable for their resources. And particularly in such situations accountability and integrity with nature are held as the topmost priority by most of the small scale enterprises and business models.

Reiterating on the same point let me now introduce to you about the concept of “creativity, innovation and sustainability”. Creativity as it usually defined as the creation of numerous such products or services, which are original, novel within a particular social context or atmosphere while innovation usually revolves around the idea of successful implementation of such ideas. Thus, in the genesis of these hardcore concepts births the idea and vision of sustainability. While it is widely believed that creativity and innovation are the two prominent disciplines of doing and conducting research, combining both these two aptitudes at the intersection of sustainability is actually the need of the hour for the scientific community.

While we can keep gawking at the scientific community to reproduce some path-breaking predictions and innovations, it would be a lot easier if we could choose to look closer home. Our culture uniquely adapts and embraces the mending, fixing and repairing of things. We as a culture naturally value the phrase “a stitch in time, saves nine.” Well, this adage is particularly sustainably true and hits us closer home as in India we have dozens of repair shops that uphold the value of channelizing the spirit of creativity and innovation, with the correct mobilization and utilization of resources.

Also in our country we are hugely known and recognized for our fun-frolic festivities and celebrations. Imbibing and nurturing these sustainable practices into our realm of culture and celebrations will naturally reap the benefits to our local economy. And at the same time, enrich our sustainable living with the other tenants of the planet such as by cooking homemade sweets and savouries for the festivals, gifting someone something handcrafted, handmade with love on their birthdays, buying wooden toys for younger kids, and a natural cosmetic pack for our mum on her special days are some of other innumerable ways through which we spread love and affection for both our loved ones and also for our planet.

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