#diyaforacause — The Impact Report

Training — This is how it all started!

The women at MKR came together to learn the craft of candle making at a workshop conducted by Rashmi Siddharth. They participated with fervour, creating elegant candles and diyas. With many festivals on the way, candles and diyas would be high in demand.

They always had the will, now they are equiped with the skill.

We don't believe in equality, we believe in equal opportunity. #diyaForCause

Material for the first set of candles has arrived at our center!

Then one big order of 2600 Candles - 130 Boxes - by Sonia Agarwal Facebook Community Leadership Circle!

Our boxes — Pack of 20 Candles

Indore — Chapter Kickstarted

Rotaract Club of Amanora Go-Getters supports Mitti Ke Rang #diyaforacause initiative.

Our very first stall — Nuance India

This amazing creation would not have been possible without the support of the Baked Moon Studios.

Some more stalls & collaboration.

Zensar — Pune

Panchsheel — Tech Park

Housie — Urban Nomads.

Support from COEP college.

Pula Bazaar

Cybage India


LinkedIn local

JW — Marriott.

Team — NOC

A big thanks to our super team to make this mega project a great success.

Akanksha Gadre —

Niharika Salunkhe —

Pranoti —

Impact Report - Mitti Ke Rang

In 40 Days, each woman at Mitti Ke Rang has earned 17,500 INR, all thanks to your purchase of candles.

We at Mitti Ke Rang want to thank you for extending your help towards the women we looked forward to empowering this Diwali !

This big an opportunity has not only given them a sense of confidence and independence but has also helped each woman earn more than 17,500 INR in 40 days. It was the first time that they have seen so much money in their bank accounts, earned by themselves within such a short span of time.

Let your near and dear ones know of the impact you have created in the life of women & along with their families, to not only celebrate Diwali with light but also a ray of hope, thanks to you.

We thank you for your support and hope you continue your journey with us.

The End.



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