Depression and anxiety among college students due to Pandemic

Mitti Ke Rang
3 min readNov 29, 2020
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The outburst of Corona times(Covid-19) has hit us tremendously. The onset of Corona since March 2019, influenced physically as well as emotionally. The effects are enormously increasing in very large numbers like health problems which include depression, lack of sleep, stress, fear, insecurity, emotional breakdown, isolation, unhealthy diet, behaviour etc. At this moment of unpredictability, the time hit up so hard, that our main issue is the fear of losing our jobs. More than millions of people have lost their job in this uncertain situation of a pandemic. The youth or the workers are trashed off from their jobs and losing it is an emotional breakdown and is proportional to more stress. Well, you can call it a “Global pandemic of unemployment Workers”.

People who are suffering financially are more vulnerable to mental health problems. As all, we are familiar with this pandemic and the norms of it; the closure of schools and colleges and the shifting of offline classes to online mode. The online classes have changed all their jolly moods, the excitement of meeting their friends, the sports, those Physical education classes and those lunch breaks. As we see thousands of parents are complaining about the change in the behaviour of their kids. The continuous online classes have switched off their behaviour as like excessive arguments, opposition, withdrawal, fights, lack of sleep, irritated, confused, stress and much more. The pandemic has hit so hard that across the world we are having the online classes.

The transition of the normal offline classroom to the online platform has made the students quite stressful as it is a change of their normal routine. Those long hours on the computer screen or gadgets for the online classes due to the pandemic is beginning of not only mentally but also physical changes as like headache, eye problem and more stress. The number of parents is reporting about the change in their behaviour. Undoubtedly Covid has affected our day to day social life- low production, activeness towards the work, manufacturing of the product, excitement for the new trials, biodiversity loss, deforestation, environmental impact, various industries, the private jobs, the markets, the power sector, tourism, the pharmaceutical industry and much more. The virus has hit so hard and struck our day to day life of young youth and worldwide.

Let’s see the impacts of Covid times.

a) HealthCare and hospitals-

overload on doctors as well as the medical staffs.

  • trouble during quarantine times.
  • higher protection more hygiene and cleaning

b) Economy-

  • Slowing of manufacture goods,
  • loss in business

C) Social life-

  • postponed of sports
  • closure of religious places, parks
  • the shutdown of movie halls, hotels and restaurants, gym, swimming pools, schools, colleges
  • Restriction to travellers

I know life is devastating, I know some circumstance loses your mind, and it’s so hard that you can’t control it. “Life is a puzzle game and it’s also to be solved…Maybe the more step you take is proportional to more complications..but ultimately Life should only win over death. And the more you choose Life over this is what makes you more close to Happiness. All your problems, all your endure is provisional.” This shall too pass. Nothing in this world is permanent, nothing gonna stick to your whole life. Time is very powerful. This shall pass. With the addition of this quote Everything is temporary, Be an optimist- life will become more beautiful when you discover yourself and concede the experimental gifts the God has given you.

Contributed By- Ritika Sinha, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang



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