Dealing with internal conflicts

Mitti Ke Rang
2 min readJun 27, 2020

Any change in the status quo or a seismic event Always leads to uncertainty in the lives of people that is visible by having a conversation or watching the interview of people who have lived during the partition of India. The current COVID-19 crisis is no different; the pandemic has stopped everything and put the globe on a halt and resulting in many people losing their jobs students continuing their studies from home. Such a seismic scale of events will always lead to a psychological impact on the minds of many.

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During this time of unprecedented crisis, people are bound to have personal and mental struggles with themselves. And that is very normal; the struggles and conflicts can lead from not getting an internship or a job or being laid off from work to seeing a reduction in their salaries by 50% to working from home and not seeing their colleagues and their loved ones. The struggles can range from self-doubt to taking one’s life.

Although such issues are normal but should not be taken lightly, one must take care of his mental health along with his physical health. These are challenging times for our generation and surviving this time without losing cool, and sanity is the need of the hour. The mental struggles should not be ignored, and one should do everything possible to have a clear understanding of the struggles and mental health problems one is going through.

Suffering from mental health problems, it is necessary to visit a psychiatrist and get the problem solved, in case of severe mental illness. In case of less severe cases, one must eat healthily and do meditation to attain maximum concentration and get rid of negative thoughts that cloud the mind of an individual that is going through an uncertain time. One should always remember that mental health precedes everything else, and that should be given prime importance.

Contributed By- Vinay Hooda, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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