Data Analysis a Saviour or a Myth!

Do you know about a commodity whose value has surpassed crude oil’s value?

It is Data! We produce trillions of bytes of data every year with these numbers increasing exponentially every year. So, this data helps businesses predict their sales customer behavior and also helps in the social upliftment of low-income farmers and many more.

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I bet you would be also curious to know how data analysis is impacting millions of people in real-time with its benefits than just listening to theories on paper. FarmDrive, a Kenyan Startup collects and aggregates datasets from multiple sources in Kenya and the world to build credit scores for smallholder farmers in Africa, thus easing the procedure of borrowing from the financial institutions by the farmers. Then next in line of innovation is a Nigerian Startup Zenvus, who is collecting soil data of farmlands by electronic sensors and advises the farmers in best practices by analyzing the data. So, we are seeing how data analysis is rising to become a tool for this handy farmer to earn a better livelihood for themselves. Last but not least is a company called GWK who has brought the concept of precision farming to Africa with coordinated support of agronomists and technology. They generate a lot of data from farms which are interpreted by the agronomist to find custom made solutions for the farmer problems.

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Data analysis can also solve issues like poverty, pollution, etc. Poverty? Yes, this can be done by analyzing the data of mobile phone maps which creates big gaps in poor areas. Have you ever thought of tracking the microparticles of pollutants to analyze the air quality and also to find the origin of pollutants? No right! But this noble work is the mission of startup Blue Sky Analytics based out of Gurgaon to fight toxic air pollution.

But the security to the data points generated by people through social media, videos, etc. is still questionable. Laws are still in the pipeline process to protect people’s data from leaking and being shared with people without consent. Let’s say we still have time to avert a large-scale loss of personal data to any organization using it to manipulate our decision-making process.

So, Data Analysis is one of the emerging tools which is bringing a wave of revolution in different issues. So would end with a question for you to ponder upon “Is Data a commodity only accessible to a handful of powerful people with zero access to the people who generate it?”

Contributed By- Soham Roy, content writer @Mitti Ke Rang

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