Cracking UPSC interview, and understanding people around you while working in civil services.

At Mitti ke Rang, an interactive session of an IPS officer was conducted by Miss Mishika Share, everything discussed in the podcast is written in the blog. And following is the link to the amazing podcast.

It was always inspiring to interview great people whose life experiences are very much valuable, mitti ke rang started a podcast series interviewing people around the world. In this podcast mentioned in the blog, Mr. Dipanshu Kabra, an IPS officer of 1997 batch shares his 22 years of experience in the service. He did chemical engineering from LIT (Lakshmi Narayan Institute of Technology).

Mr. Kabra discussed civil services and answered the following question during the conversation

How to crack the UPSC interview?

Mr. Kabra discussed a few points to crack the interview

  1. One should know about their repository very well, all the current events.
  2. One should have deep knowledge about their major education field.
  3. Where views differ, one should stop there or manage to come out smartly.
  4. Whatever you say that will raise one more question, one should be confident about whatever you’re saying and should have knowledge about whatever things you’re mentioning.
  5. One should do work with a deep breath.
  6. Questions should listen calmly first, then should be replied.

What is the Best Experience of posting?

Mr. Kabra replied “Life gives you experience everyday good or bad, but the best experience is when I was an IDOP in a subdivision, Raipur. Then I got posted as ADC to the governor, I was the first ADC to the new state Chhattisgarh. I have been an SP of many districts. “

Mr. Kabra mentions being a part of the police force if someone suffers the most is the family because you’re continuously busy on calls and get to leave all the festivals and events. Children’s irritated sometimes but they understand with time. But family is very important in de-stressing you and listening to you sometimes.

Police working as delivering packages in rural areas

“In the Covid-19 pandemic, this was a challenge but people brought innovative ways to find the solution, and maintain law and order. One district named Katghora became a hotspot zone so we imposed tight rules and regulations to handle the situation and we did well, that was an achievement. We are still dealing with labor issues by providing shoes and cars to reach destinations. This is a new face of police that is coming up, I had never seen that positive face and coordination of people in my journey of 22 years service. This is the time to show actual kindness by helping others. We are good at society and we should do more.”

Message to the Youth

“ This life is too long, things will improve with time. New norms will be taken in the education field also. Do not get demotivated; new policies will develop with time. For students preparing for competitive exams, you should do your self-analysis by testing yourself, do your own assessment with the help of friends, family, teachers. Follow the rule of think, plan, and then act. If you think you’re capable then you can do it. Always keep your goal clear. Failed one time is not the end of everything. Do not stress yourself, join a service which you love so that in the end you’ll still enjoy that thing.”

One thing that India should learn

“ We should improve our healthcare, and also improve our living. The second thing that we should do is start living life with COVID, understand the fact that it’s around us everywhere. China is very clear that they’re tracking the people just like India is trying to achieve with the Arogya-Setu App. ”

Message to all the people who are struggling mentally and financially due to Lockdown

“ People with a good income source should help poor people like drivers, maids, and workers in this situation, this is the right time to come out as a helping hand towards society. I find many people helping. I request house owners to cooperate with students staying on rent. The recovery rate of Indian is very good. By maintaining physical distance and regularly washing hands that would be helpful for us.”

Mitti ke rang would like to thank Mr. Dipanshu Kabra for his amazing words and motivating youth towards UPSC, explaining the work environment of an IPS officer. It was always said that with hard work and passion one can achieve everything and Mr. Kabra is a live example of that. His journey from a Chemical Engineer to an IPS officer is an inspirational story. Mr. Kabra is a true inspiration for millions of students. Here’s a link to the podcast.

Contributed By- Abhishek Kumar, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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