Covid-19's Impact: Employment in the Social Sector

As the COVID19 Pandemic continues to ravage, many of us are bracing for impact in different ways. The preliminary result showed that the loss of employment is considered as the most severe impact of the crisis. The world lost nearly 400 million full-time jobs in the year’s second quarter (April-June2020). Other than this COVID-19 has been impactful even on social services provided by the state.

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Employment during Covid-19

This global pandemic has resulted in economic backfall which has caused the loss of employment mainly in the non-essential sectors. Sectors such as travel and tourism, automobiles, entertainment, restaurants, hotel industries, daily wagers, temporary workers, IT sector, etc have largely been affected. Shutting down of work is leading to no source of income, so many employees have lost their jobs. As many workplaces are looking for a reduction in manpower due to no projects, no field works, the public is largely depending on online services to avoid going outside. This as a whole has taken a toll on many people’s livelihood.

This obstacle can only be resolved once the economy rises and the markets start to open. If we see this, the whole sector is being interlinked to one another. Once the public movement starts travel tourism hotels, etc will gradually rise which will lead us to more sources of income and job opportunities.

Post Covid-19 will make headway for Work from Home culture, online education, digital payments, tremendous growth in healthcare, cybersecurity, etc.

Social Sector during Covid-19

Social products are goods and services provided by the state for the benefit of the public. Education, healthcare, housing, etc are a part of it. Recently the state has been cutting of employment in some sectors as there is no source of income but there are still some sectors in requirement of employees mainly in hospitality, as the number of COVID cases rising daily more staff is required, as all the educational institutions are been closed down more people are turning towards online educations which again provides job opportunities.

Although there is a decline in the number of jobs opening, however, there are some bright spots in terms of occupations that have seen surges in demands such as hospitality, frontline workers, grocery managers, Warehouse Manager, Customer Service Sales, Public Health Advisor, IT Specialist, Retail Merchandiser, E-commerce, and many more.

NGO’s, frontline workers, and housing can be seen in need of new employment opportunities.

Every recession or natural crisis has brought forth numerous challenges for every country, making it difficult for industries to survive and strive, but they have also paved the way for an era of opportunities for new-age industries to sprout and shape into new realities that will emerge.This pandemic too has a similar pattern

Contributed by Drishti D, Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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