COVID 19 and homelessness

Mitti Ke Rang
2 min readSep 17, 2020


Homelessness in simple words means not having a home. People not having a roof and not owing the ownership of the roof can be called the homeless. This can be a rented house whose ownership is in the hands of the landlord.

While the latter is not as big as a problem when compared to not having a home. The homeless are people who are mostly beggars or have a temporary daily wage job that does not guarantee a home. This is a concern when it comes to safety and health.

During the pandemic although, things have become even more of a problem. With economies following and jobs being lost, many lost the only source of income and some had to move out from the temporary placements onto the streets. The stories of migrant laborers and daily wage workers returning from cities explain the severity of the problem.

There is, of course, no evident data on the number of homeless people in the country but India is the land of a few largest slums in the world and the conditions there during the pandemic have gone beyond control. With no access to food, clothing, and shelter, the homeless resorted to temples and schools, but with the imposition of the lockdown in the past few months even that isn’t there.

There are various social workers, NGOs, and individuals who are rendering help and support to these people in need and giving them at least access to the basic necessities, but the responsibility lies on the government more than anyone else and they need to step forward at least now and provide access to basic fundamental rights.

Contributed by Anjeela Prabhakar content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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