Content Creation — A new Career Option

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Gone are those days when Engineering or Medical Sciences were the only existing career options. Even our elders who may not have heard about Content Creators are familiar with the various sectors involving creative heads now, due to the rapid digitization and corporatization ranging from newspaper columns to magazine stories, institutional and product advertising, Media products on Online and Offline platforms, to the general remarks calligraphed on the back of rickshaws and trucks.

Everything that we consume across all channels is content. Content Creators harbour information about anything and everything to create a product which is then anchored to the general audience`s field of vision. One could say content creators are hardworking human search engines who research and create fresh topics and serve it to the user in an appealing manner even before they ask for it. And this product can be in any imaginable form: tangible or intangible; sensory or intellectual; graphic, audio, or textual. This wide range of productivity and flexibility create multiple vacancies for creative ventures, which are in high demand and serve as valuable career options, some of which are:

• Social media Creator: Blogging and Vlogging are two popular online creative ventures. Personal blogs provide information to the audience on various themes, while corporate and informative blogs soar high during this time of work from home. Having a WordPress or Medium or any other major blogging account to publish your thoughts, essays, stories and poems is a stepping stone to reaching a target audience. Almost all major corporate houses utilize freelance bloggers to write for them to get online traffic. Like all career options, the hard worker receives the cream of the crop and there are also zero scopes for workplace prejudice since everything is evaluated through clear statistics. This can also be an ideal transitory job to enter on-field writing.

Vlogging or video essays on YouTube or other media sites is also a rewarding career option. However, this field requires a steady side-job to support through the initial growth phase. Social influencers have a major impact on the online community who religiously follow their footprints. Platforms like Instagram allow mini-posts to facilitate creators who can then build a brand of their own. A right mix of patience and consistency in quality reaps major rewards.

• Digital Creator: Every day tons of content is consumed across multiple platforms and this serves as a promising career for many people. All products are some form of stories, and the writer requires multiple tools to flesh out and make the stories presentable. OTT revolution in Indian cinema alone provides multiple jobs for storyboard creators, dialogue writers, editors, content strategists, graphic designers, costume designers, music directors, photographers, videographers, marketing strategists, directors, and actors alike. The stitching of digital content and the subsequent hefty marketing phase involve multiple creative portfolios. This goes beyond just OTT platforms; content creators are the spokesperson for all digital platforms.

• Community Builders: Advertising and story promotions are not just virtual ventures but are implicit in real-world businesses. Journalism is a favourable creative venture which influences as well as educates the masses. Editorial columns and op-eds are as popular platforms as Visual and Audio storytelling through pictures in published media and documentaries on cable channels. Authors, songwriters, directors are content creators who satisfy the aesthetic needs of a community. Huge chunks of budgets are reserved for advertising and promotional firms, who work through both mediums, online, and offline. Local businesses when met with proper creators are bound to good profits.

All institutions rely on such creators for the promotion and execution of plans. From pamphlets to banners and flyers, everything is taken care of by digital creators and storytellers. In this era, good writing is one of the essential job skills. The youth can consider this area too to build their career if it matches their interests.

Contributed by Sai Priya Tamang, Content writer at Mitti ke Rang.

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