Cloud Kitchen- A New Way of Dining

With the world around us changing constantly, it’s necessary that we move forward in every aspect. So cloud kitchens have changed the whole meaning of dining, it’s just like any other kitchen with no in-house dining or takeaway facility. It simply relies on online orders placed through ordering websites or apps. The restaurant owner can use more than one brand with the same infrastructure.

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Basic Functions of Cloud Kitchen:

  • Taking orders

A cloud kitchen POS is a must for Cloud Kitchens. There can be multiple sources of order-taking, such as various online food aggregators, ordering through enabled websites. For using the telephone method, a call center panel is required which will direct the orders to the correct brand and outlet. This will prevent confusion and will confirm the number of orders received for a particular brand.

  • Processing orders

Different cooks and chefs are needed to attend different brands, The taste of each brand varies so it is essential to have a POS with a Kitchen Display software. This helps to display and track orders on screen.

  • Hiring staff

A highly skilled and dedicated staff is required. Since the food is the only way to get connected to customers it has to be top-notch. Apart from this delivery staff is also needed for delivering in house and as kitchen helpers.

  • Vendor management

In a cloud kitchen setup, there can be multiple suppliers for all the brands or a single supplier for all the brands. In such cases take a combination of the suppliers to get the best results and finalize the ingredient list before giving, to keep a better track of inventory.

  • Inventory Management

Using POS for handling ordering and computing inventory will give an idea of how much ingredient is required per brand. Thus, helps in maintaining the inventory of different brands.

  • Advertising restaurants

Since Cloud Kitchens have no such physical outlet, other marketing techniques such as online presence, marketing through SMS and emails,tie-ups with other restaurants, third-party integrations can be used.

Indeed the future theme of the food industry is cloud kitchen and if one wants to go into with limited resources and investment, then there is no better option than this. Of Course, dine-in and takeaways will still be an option but convenience and mobility will always be our first pick.

A new way of dining awaits, what’s your view?

Contributed By- Drishti D, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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