Change in Hygiene practices for further generations after facing Pandemic.

Change is the only constant. Maintaining a positive hygiene habit to help curb the spread of the virus, welcome to the new normalcy!

Has COVID-19 changed the way you cook at home? Perhaps I’ve been overly paranoid about the cleanliness of my food and hygiene of my kitchen. The kitchen is a hotspot for bacteria and parasites. This is why good kitchen hygiene during both food preparation and cooking is extremely critical. Keeping the surfaces clean including kitchen counters, utensils, and other food preparation items is necessary.

The pandemic has taught us to wash our hands clean — the importance of personal hygiene. Making it essential to take a bath when you get home from the street. Ideal hygiene practice would be to avoid sitting down anywhere and go straight to the shower.

It has brought about a lot of changes at our workplaces as well. The planning, construction, and commissioning of the buildings has become an even more vital topic in the fight against viruses and bacteria. How much of the building can be operated touch-free with the introduction of more reliable senses-controlled products such as taps, showers, and urinals? The most germ-infested areas in your office aren’t where you would think. In fact, most germs are found in the common workplace surfaces like your keyboard and work stations.

While companies are coming up with Hand-Free Door Openers, a product that allows you to open the door with your forearm, reducing the risk of direct contact with viruses and bacteria on the door handle. Sanitization of metallic surfaces like handrails and door handles becomes necessary because the virus can remain viable on these up to 9 days.

What is likely to happen is consumer habits and preferences will change quite a bit. What we see now is a greater focus on health, hygiene, and protection. Creating healthy habits that can last a lifetime is an investment in the future generation. The understanding and tools to care for hygiene and health are going to be an essential part of raising children to be independent. Handwashing throughout the day will become a daily routine. Places like preschools and schools will raise hygiene standards and follow strict sanitization rules. Similarly, the importance of hygiene and health has to be emphasized repeatedly by teachers as well as parents to establish healthy hygiene practices among young people.

Let’s start moving forward with the safety of yourself and others in life.

Contributed By- Alvina Begum Zeba, Content writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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