Career Constellation- Taking a career out of four walls.

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3 min readJul 20, 2020

Do you desire for your life to shine like the stars?

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Having a career path can make a great deal of a difference in your life. To begin, let’s simply present the difference between jobs and careers; jobs are taken up for earning money, careers are broader, involving growth and experiences. Many of us are unclear about what work we enjoy doing, our interests and passions. Individuals often conform to societal or familial expectations and thus drift away from their fields of interest. By the time these individuals realize that others’ paths are not their path, it’s too late.

It is important to know oneself and be true to one’s passion. It is necessary for the individual to realize the skills they possess and to cultivate it further. A focused individual with the help of the skills he possesses and consciously develops, advances much further than a confused person, switching from one job to another causing his growth to stay stagnant.

Career focuses on long term growth as opposed to jobs where the objective is to finish work and earn money. An example of a career path can be an individual with writing skills, writing content online, or publishing in newspapers and magazines, working in a job that develops his writing skills further, and even if this person loses his job, he can publish his own works. Thus even though he has lost his job his career stays intact. The acquired experience in the field makes him more capable than a person who worked in various jobs and skills but mastered none of them.

It is therefore important to make a career in the field of our own choice and be happy while working rather than working all day unsatisfied. An unsatisfied attitude implies fewer efforts and no motivation to do better. Unmotivated individuals look for different jobs and will not commit to an organization. People happy with their work not only go above and beyond with their work but are strongly committed to the organization.

The people working at jobs that do not satisfy them should self reflect and indulge in their preferred field. If there is a suitable replacement opportunity in the organization itself, they should go for it.

Following your passion is the only way to a happy and satisfied life and creating a career that shines brighter than any constellation.

Contributed By- Geetanjali Lackhe, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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