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NGOs, Partnership and Accountability on ground ❤️

Mitti Ke Rang has teamed up with some of the most effective organisations working on ground for Daily Wage Workers| Maids| Labourers| Street Side vendor| Hawkers| Construction Workers| or anyone who is in need for support.

Mitti Ke Rang Partners 🤝

Robin Hood Army — Ghaziabad

1) Location: Muradnagar, Ghaziabad
Beneficiaries: 32 Families:

2) Who are the beneficiary: Rag Pickers living in slums behind BSNL Exchange mostly from West Bengal

3) Misc: Due to lockdown they are not getting any work and they don't have any saving to sustain during this period.

Team: Ashutosh.

Social Media: 👩‍💻

Photos - we have attached very few photos here and they all are been send to us by the respective partner. If you wish to see more pictures you can visit their social media handle.

If you really love their work, you can even reach out to them and start getting updates directly from them.

Our model is built on the principle of partnership to achieve maximum impact and reach. We are proud of our National Network of first responders all across India.

Brief about our fund raiser campaign:

At Mitti Ke Rang, we started with a COVID-19 community support fund raising, as an emergency response — to help provide a safety net to families. This will help them in surviving the next 21 days. We aim to directly support these 2000 families by providing a minimum wage, through transferring the same into their accounts or partner with local NGO, Organisation, Fellow or a Volunteer and Support them with groceries.

This is about getting money in the hands of people who need our help.

To Connect, kindly WhatsApp at 9922790240 Amit Jain (Mitti Ke Rang).

You can donate at:

Below is the link of the video made by, "The Logical Indian" which shall give you a brief about why we started Mitti ke Rang.

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