Bullying: should it be considered part of growing up, or shall it be spoken against

Mitti Ke Rang
3 min readMar 2, 2021


Bullying at any age for a person can affect them mentally, emotionally, or physically. Communication and empathic listening are critical to making the victim feel secure. Having been able to share their fears and feelings with someone can help the kid to open up. To stop it from happening again as it’s required that a victim understands that he/ she is being bullied and report the same.

Every kid at whatever stage during the phase of growing up faces situations that end up bullying someone or getting bullied. The question that arises is whether this should be considered part of growing up or shall be openly spoken about and raise a concern when someone is affected. There can be various ways in which bullying can affect and traumatize a kid. Not being able to speak about it or discuss it with someone and no action taken can affect the kid's whole lifestyle and perception for treating people around.
Bullying can occur randomly or regularly. It can happen daily, weekly, or monthly. With advancements in technology and access to the internet, cyberbullying has become dangerous in a life-threatening epidemic. Posting unwanted or embarrassing pictures of someone on social media, sending threatening messages, impersonating someone are some of the repeated forms of cyberbullying. Bullying can include teasing, name-calling, preventing others from going where they want, doing what they wish to, pushing, hitting, and all forms of physical violence.

Having a clear understanding of what constitutes bullying and having a system in place at the school level is a must. Kids of all ages can have a counselor or teacher report the incident and are comfortable enough to talk about the same. The staff should also be trained and shall be able to understand the difference between teasing and bullying. Further, not just at schools or colleges but also at personal household environment; parents should always keep in touch with kids regarding day-to-day activities, and updates about their personal life at school and what is happening around them to speak against bullying incident take place. Also, educating the kids involved in bullying other kids around is essential to understand how they do a simple joke or action in a casual attitude can lead to adverse impact.

Celebrity kids have their problems and issues to deal with to meet expectations at the social media level to overcome cyberbullying being the most common. Daughter of Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan ~ Suhana Khan recently penned a strong post against colorism. The daughter of Aamir Khan, Ira Khan, opened up about depression on World Mental Health Day. AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija replied to Taslima Nasreen on being trolled for wearing a burqa says that she should google what true feminism means because it isn’t bashing other women. Some of the recent reports and many in the past made by star kids make it evident that even they get affected at a stage of privilege, and we can decipher that it’s not all glitz and glam for celebrities’ kids well.

So let’s work together to make the world a better place for all the kids around us. Think about the happiness and peaceful life you want for your kids at school, workplace, relationships, and throughout life. Curbing bullying now is progress towards these goals.

Contributed By- Pragya Agrawal, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang.
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