Bullying: a heinous crime

Bullying is an aspect of mental harassment that deteriorates mental as well as physical health. The person who is bullied loses interest in being involved in productive activities. They isolate themselves from the people around them and gradually become alone. If bullying stops, they may come back to their normal state. But if it persists for a long time, then it leads to anxiety and depression.

Bullying is not less than a crime because it snatches the inner confidence and zest of the sufferer. They may become introverted and always find flaws within themselves.

Those who engage in such activities are unaware that they are actually encompassing the mental peace of a person to such a disturbing extent. They do it for enjoyment for a moment. They believe that people will perceive their personality as fearless and confident when they will bully others. It’s good when people listen but it should come from their will. When it is deliberately being forced on someone to follow them, then it becomes torture. Giggling at juniors, pressurizing them to finish off their projects and assignments, authorizing their dress codes for classes, organizing unofficial parties to pester them, giving them funny nicknames based on their physique, etc. are some forms of bullying uncovered in schools and colleges. Those students who are modest and introverted fall more into it.

It’s the accountability of the teachers to look into such matters. But, it’s so unfortunate that few are also involved in such illegal activities. Many students have reported being scolded and beaten up by their masters without any reason.

Many wardens in hostels who are supposed to be a parental figure for the students, they laugh at them in front of their companions. They give them harsh punishments even for trivial mistakes. Their families are not present to look after them in such situations. The students have to go through the toughest phases without any assistance. They can’t focus on their studies in such circumstances.

Bullying was much common in Indian schools and colleges but presently, due to increased attention, the cases have reduced. Helplines are provided to students. They are made to fill anti-ragging forms while taking admission. There are rigorous punishments against those who engage in bullying. There is a separate department formed in many colleges to look into these matters. Students are always instructed to reach out to them without any hesitation. Full support is empowered.

To stop such practices, there are many steps that can be followed. If a scholar detects such acts happening with their friends/any students, they can directly acquaint the head of the school/college. Clubs, NGOs, citizens, etc. should reinforce awareness about the ways to curb bullying through posters, paintings, articles, speeches, etc. The family should always keep an eye on the mental fitness of their children. If they observe negative changes within them, they should talk to them and give them assurances that they can help them to deal with such circumstances. The principles and heads should routinely update their students to report such activities if happening on the premises.

The teachers should scold such students who try to be bossy on their classmates rather than laughingly ignoring them. It is our responsibility to make our country free from such tormenting offenses.

Contributed By- Shruti Shreya, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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