Building a sustainable social venture, teachings of Buddhism and having the right intent

Mitti Ke Rang always comes up with some interactive sessions and podcasts with topics that directly or indirectly impact our day-to-day lives. In this session, we had a conversation with Mojdeh Farashahi

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Many of us see the community around us getting oppressed but the majority of observers fail to act and neglect the sufferings faced by others. Mojdeh Farashahi, a self-motivated animal and human welfare activist is one of those exceptions who wanted to make a difference and started initially with volunteering in NGOs. Inspired by Buddhist beliefs, she found Bodhisattva, which refers to an awakened mind motivated by great compassion. She took forward beliefs like co-existence, respecting other lifeforms, and promoting a lifestyle that is designed sustainably. ‘SELF’ is a false idea, everything is interconnected and we all are interdependent. One of the major learnings is to dedicate yourself completely in present rather than stressing on long term goals.

One of the major takeaways from the podcast that reflects the key to managing an NGO and funding is to understand that it is an ongoing struggle and the pathway is full of obstacles. She states that the struggle behind fundraising can be tackled easily with like-minded people in an organization ready to work to their full capacity. Fundraising requires creative ideas and setting up campaigns that could engage the masses and inspire them to be a part of Bodhisattva.

Social media is a great tool for fundraising and has great potential to attract funds on a global scale. Digital promotions and networking has a major weightage and can act as a complete game-changer.

She also talks about managing anxiety and goes on to explain how she has been tackling it in her life by scheduling tasks and taking one day at a time can be effective in stress management and getting rid of anxiety. Mojdeh, herself has three cats and believes animals as a treatment to tackle anxiety. Along with pets as therapeutic she insists on crying as a mechanism to self soothe and can help reduce pain.


When you don’t express yourself and bury everything within, it’s suffocating and suffocating alone! Humans tend to cling to things and forget that everything passes and everything changes. Expressing yourself to your friends and family can surely sort out several conflicts and lead to a solution. Reaching out and asking for help should be a practice you should learn and a feeling of compassion as a constant throughout.

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Contributed by Madhvan Dikshit content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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