Breaking Gender Stereotypes

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Gender stereotypes are certain beliefs or perceptions that the majority of people have regarding characteristics or roles performed by people based on their respective gender. The kind and content of stereotypes vary with culture and over time. These stereotypes are expected to be performed starting from a very young age. Therefore, children also learn about these aspects while growing up and end up believing that gender stereotypes are an integral part of the life of every individual and everyone must obey these stereotypes even though if they are intolerable. Gender stereotypes are the reason behind the practice of major inequalities between men and women. Gender stereotypes are not only bounded to a section of gender such as for women but also for men and even worse for the lgbtq+. Stereotypes or baseless perceptions exist for everyone in society. From a man should not be crying to a woman should not be working late to alienating other genders, gender stereotypes as such are a lot framed in a sentence that says “should be”. No wonder this phrase “should be” has become another example of gender stereotype.

The thing that must be worth understanding is that this whole idea of gender stereotype is baseless because being a part of any gender never restricts anyone to be or do what they want to. These just prove nothing good but unwanted challenges in life.

However, it hasn’t ever been easy to face the challenges that are prevailing for a long long time. But many keep on going irrespective of what others will think or say. Such people demonstrate that life isn’t all about obeying unjust norms and being a part of stereotypical culture instead it’s about following dreams and pursuing them.

Therefore here’s some who decided not to be bounded by a gender-stereotypical society and have faced the challenges and utilized their potential in accomplishing something instead of staying as victims of gender stereotype. Some of these passionate souls include Bhavana Paliwal, a private detective and also the head of her agency; Shanti Devi, a tire technician; Shubhangi Yuvraj Mandave, assistant station officer, Mumbai fire brigade; and many more.

The only antidote of this increasing gender stereotype problem is to stop making children go through differences based on their respective gender and making a reform in society by breaking these gender stereotypes and understanding that these are of nothing good instead of a scar to all those who’ve been through this all their lives.

Contributed By- Anushka Rathore, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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