Roald Dahl has mentioned in his poem “Television” how the idiot box left dozens of eyeballs on the floor. No matter how big the world evolves, or innovates, technology hampers children’s thoughts and creativity.

When we can bring Sherlock and Watson to life, when we feel the pain of the writer behind and when we can direct the story of any genre, we often travel through an ocean of emotions. Gone are the days where people have to walk a long way to grab a book from the library. Today one holds a library in a gadget.

Presenting — “e-Books,” a perfect blend of comfort and chances, where, from budding writers to lazy readers, everyone can change their lives in just a blink of an eye. Relaxing after a tiresome day all through with our favorite book in our palms, in the same gadget we hold on to the whole day has become one of the best refreshments. One best thing about reading an e-Books is that we have an easy access to the dictionary right there as compared to the traditional method. We have bookmarks, screenshots, all just one click away.

Just a red sign though!

Prolonged time on gadgets can hurt our sight. It is not that we read it for ten minutes and let go. We get immersed according to the genre. Sometimes it takes hours to finish a book, while sometimes it takes days. No matter how true it is that e-Books are a part of our routine —Holding on to a physical book, flipping those pages and enjoying the smell of freshly printed pages, or the aroma of an old book can’t be matched with an e-book.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

“Away from the world of reels, fly high in your world of feels”.

Every book has the soul of the writer and the reader who lived it. That spirit rises and strengthens every time a new reader picks it. At the end of the day, the musty smell of books and the sack of knowledge you gain can never fail you. Everything has its pros and cons. Be it the manual books or the e-Books. Now it is on our part on how to get the best from both of them.

Whether reading novels from the books or reading them from mobiles, all depends on how much the person is interested in reading.

Finally, a word to you all readers!

It is time you erase the Vellichor!

It is time to clip off your strings!

Dust your cupboards, grab a book, and get back to reading. Let no gadget hurdle your way to conquering your imaginative world. And if your world is in a gadget, then cling on. But try both the world, either way it’s an ocean.

When all we can do is reading a book, We sit there with a gaping look!

Contributed by Chintalapati Sri Mrudula content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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