Body positivity on social media and ads on weight reduction.

Body positivity campaigns are so in popularity on social media platforms to boost the confidence of those who have different body shapes, sizes, or colors from the non-inclusive standards we have. Basically, these campaigns are a collaboration of peoples who accept the way they are and stop thinking about others and also trying to motivate those people who are ‘different’ according to what is considered ‘conventional’. Body positivity is to inculcate the fact that everybody deserves everything equally, equal respect, equal love, and be accepted. The beauty standard that we have isn’t just non-inclusive but it also transmits a lot of hate.

Now lets come to ads on weight reduction on social media, these ads are meant for those who want to have changes in their body or are interested in it. Many body positivity pages give tips to reduce weight, one of them is named “workout and burn fat”, basically this page is for those who want to burn their fat and want to stay healthy. Many such people want to accept their body structure along with trying to be more healthy. While there are pages like “feminist” and other Instagram accounts that advocate body positivity without any hidden interests and also assure that irrespective of what the societal standards are self-love tops it.

These ads on weight-reducing, glowing skin, etc. are shown on body positivity pages because they get their maximum customers from there and get benefited. This is ironic, where on one hand the pages promote self-love and on the other hand, they use the insecurity of the same people to make business.

Image from an article by Karen Belz from HelloGiggles

The algorithm of the social media websites works in a way that it shows advertisements based on the fact of what we lay our interest in. But at the same time, while one tries to remain positive and inculcate some self-love, the advertisements come in to shatter that effort that people put in. It isn’t about not wanting to be healthy, it is about not associating anything that isn’t conventional with something that isn’t normal.

While we try to embrace what we are, we need to understand that not all that glitters is gold, and not all that is green is a meadow.

Contributed by Divyashi Garg content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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