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The quintessential Blue flag certification is one altogether the world’s most recognised voluntary certificate for beaches, marinas, and property seafaring mercantilism operators. It fully started in 1981, among the European nation, and runs five major eco-driven programs like GreenKey, Learning related to Forests, Young Reporters, Eco-Schools, and in addition the flag. In order to qualify for the flag, a series of rigorous environmental, academic, safety, and accessibility criteria ought to be compelled to be met and maintained. The initiative was- The flag may be a trademark in hand by the inspiration “For Environmental Education(FEE)” that’s a not for profit non-governmental organization consisting of 65 organizations in 60 member countries. Blue Flag is awarded by a world jury comprising of normal members of United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP), United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) that a beach, marina, or property mercantilism operator meets its standards. The blue flag programme aims at connecting the general public with their surroundings and provoking them to be told a good deal relating to their atmosphere. As such, environmental education activities ought to be offered and promoted in addition to a permanent show of data relevant to things in terms of heterogeneousness, ecosystems and environmental phenomena.

The blue flag encompasses a positive result of healthy living and well-being. The programme supports initiatives for sustainable healthy community development and welfare. The sites engaged in blue flag support a healthy vogue by raising people’s awareness through safety education activities. Flag’s environmental quality standards facilitate creating a clean and healthy environment so as to reduce diseases, infections or contagious diseases. Beach activities promote active lifestyles and social eudaemonia. Its safety standards mitigate potential accidents on the beach. The main pillars of the flag programme are environmental and sustainability education. Initiatives launched by blue flag raise awareness of sustainable development in fresh, marine areas and boats. Therefore on challenge native authorities and sites operators to realize high standards in water quality, environmental management, environmental education and safety, blue flag powerfully believes that raising awareness for property and environmental issues is giving equal access to humans for understanding eco-tourism and environmental sectors. It involves women and men, despite age, race, gender, religion, or socio-economic standing in its comes. It actively supports the employment and management of women and native minorities altogether positions, aiming at strengthening their involvement inside the society and geographic point. Safety on the beaches is also a key relies on steel liliaceous plant certification. The Chandrabhaga beach on the Konark coast of Odisha has become Asia’s first beach to induce the steel liliaceous plant certification for being environment-friendly and cleanliness equipped with amenities.

India is presently the first country inside the planet to receive the steel liliaceous plant Certification for eight beaches throughout one strive. New steel liliaceous plant beaches of India Radhanagar in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Golden beach in Odisha’s Puri, Andhra Pradesh’s Rushikonda, Kerala’s Kappad, Diu’s Ghoghla, Gujarat’s Shivrajpur, and Karnataka’s Kasarkod and Padubidri beaches, as per details shared by Ministry of atmosphere, Forest and Climate Change. It’s come back as a worldwide recognition for India’s “conservation and property development efforts.” Recently, the Union Environment Ministry has selected twelve beaches in India to contend for ‘Blue Flag’ certification. India has in addition become the first nation inside the Asia-Pacific category to realize the exploitaton. Asian country has started the event of pilot beaches (one each in coastal states/UTs) in 2018. It has presented the first set of eight beaches for the certification for the “tourist season” of 2020. A flag beach is an eco-tourism model endeavouring to produce the tourists or beachgoers clean and healthful bathing water, facilities, safe and healthy atmosphere and property development of the realm. Spain crack the list with 566 such beaches; Balkan country and France follow with 515 and 395. To help Indian beaches meet these criteria, the Ministry has allowed structures such instrumentation toilet blocks, change rooms, shower panels, mini greywater treatment plants in an enclosed structure, mini solid waste exercise plants and off-grid star photovoltaic panels, provided they’re a minimum ten metres from the high tide line.

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