Blended Learning- The new normal post COVID 19.

Do you prefer classrooms or learning online?

Why choose when you can have both, the middle ground between these two is called blended learning. Blended learning refers to the practice of E-learning accompanied by traditional learning practices. Organizations and educational institutions have long experimented with these learning methods and a blended approach seems suitable for most of their needs.

Nearly all office meetings are accompanied by a PPT, the visual aspect of presentations leads to better understanding and grasping of the subject. The advantage of E-learning is that it is flexible, allowing the learner to learn at his own pace. E-learning content is easily accessible as it is recorded and uploaded.

On the other hand, traditional learning provides for demonstration and first-hand experience. An efficient blend of these methods is able to help all kinds of diverse learners. PPT’s, quizzes, and simulations assist in the training and initial learning process.

LMS or learning management systems are online systems to keep an online track of the students’ learning progress. It provides for discussions in the chatroom and the instructor can upload resources online for the students to learn while checking on their students’ progress.

Certain drawbacks of blended learning would be the exhaustion of learners due to switching between methods. There would be a requirement for skilled educators which will take time and training, Investments for purchase and development of skills, and effective tools. While technical issues might interrupt e-learning the costs of physical learning places also have to be borne by the organization, even though there are challenges there is a wide scope for improvements and innovation, which will follow gradually in the coming times.

We saw through the pandemic that people who utilized the power of technology we're able to carry on with their work smoothly and those who couldn’t are waiting for the things to go back as they were, to get back to work again.

In these times more than ever we need to adapt to both ways of learning. Post-COVID 19 blended learning method will be implemented more often than before, finally getting the attention it deserves.

Contributed by Geetanjali Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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