Biases and Selective Journalism

Mitti Ke Rang
2 min readOct 24, 2020
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Turn on any of the popular news channels today and chances are that you will find reports on drugs, China, or some religious propaganda being thrust upon your face, followed by fish-market standard debates and hefty advertisement cut-outs. Television journalism has broken itself free from the shackles of hardcore journalism. It is sad to realize that a family can no longer sit together and watch a news channel without either one of them feeling severely disgusted or pulling their hair apart in sheer frustration. Print journalism, on the other hand, has still retained its credibility. The degrading standard of tv journalism can be attributed, to some extent, to the cut-throat competition for T.R.P. among different channels, plunging the media houses to dive into outright consumerism and airing insignificant content.

The newly coined phenomenon of Godi journalism, where media houses explicitly showcase right winged propaganda and over-hype the ruling government, has further elevated its sinister index by down pouring an overwhelming amount of adulterated content where the opposing voices have been completely ignored or in some cases their slogans forcibly interpreted to suit the channel narrative, vilifying certain sects and individuals to distract the masses from important agendas, massacring the ethics of live debate and asphyxiating the rationality of the average Indian.

It has become alarmingly difficult to find real journalism in a market where news is judged by its marketability and favouritism. Only a selective tip of the huge ice-berg is served to the millions of people who ritualistically glue in front of their television set every hour. A different form of name-calling has emerged out of this charlatanism where any negative feedback or comment against the prevailing orthodoxy is shunned and the said speaker is hence branded as ‘anti-national.’ In this sense, journalism has become a vile pillar for division used by the ruling party, and thus emerged itself as a great liability and a critical threat to democracy.

Contributed by Sai Priya Tamang ,Content writer at Mitti ke Rang.

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