Biased Media- A real threat

Mitti Ke Rang
3 min readAug 10, 2020

Media is the only medium to deliver information and data to people. Its main components are print media, publishing, cinema, broadcasting, podcast, advertising, etc.

Biased Journalists do promote the apolitical party rather than judging them without any partiality, where the wrong is not tolerated and shown up to the public what’s the actual reality. But they do not choose to do so and end up supporting wrong.

Now, deep inside it’s strongly believed that “Wrong is the New Right” But the reality behind it is unbearable. And this Actually leaves a bad impact on the Democracy of the Country.

Media is the only presenter of democracy and journalists are the trusted presenter of media. People usually accept what they show it is.

Journalists should be fair enough to give proper information about democracy by supporting the real right so that, the whole population can do the same.

Always, there is constant silencing of unpleasant views. There is significance within news and truth and it is essential in forming people’s opinions.

People’s opinion is their freedom, each should always remember. If you can’t exercise your freedom then you are inviting despotism.

It’s a genuine concern to be taken. And one needn’t trot out an exaggerated report card to believe that, ostensibly the largest democracy in the world, India has become a breeding ground for a biased, stifled media, one that is increasingly being hijacked by vested interests, and for a hostile environment of abuse and violence against journalists who manage to escape these attempts at control. Obviously, the garnished information excites the viewer and keeps them tuned.

Somehow, it is okay to show data making suspense and stretching it long to get more views but fake and false support should be stopped. And not all people are literate enough to make the differences and Media is getting perks of it. People should raise voices against it as the Right to Information is implemented for all.

Make sure you support right, so others can believe right too. Because democracy is the backbone.

Contributed By- Anagha Mule, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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