Audio Journalism- Listening to stories.

Audio journalism plays an important role in the field of Mass Media. It helps to reach out to N number of people at the same time. For blind people, it’s the only medium of entertainment and getting information about the ups and downs.

Radio channels are developed worldwide through which audio journalism is delivered.

Earlier, the only source of audio journalism was ‘radio’. People use to gather at a place to listen, the anchor, or the radio personality (RJ).

They were so perfect that, the audience was able to imagine the whole scenario in front of their eyes.

  • Audience tunes in to hear engaging professional voices, music, and information. Their voice and words had that power to seize the attention of listeners.
  • It was more about a voice-over (VO) which was narrated by the anchor.
  • In the beginning, radio stations had co-operative community radio ventures and its motive wasn’t to generate any profit throughout.
  • The Era of the ’90s was totally dependent on broadcast journalism for their entertainment purposes.
  • Mainly, the shared information was set as essential information first, then useful, then nice to have but not essential and followed by supporting but not crucial information.
  • As days passed and technology developed, the use of radios was replaced by television and mobile phones. But still audio journalism was there through those mediums as well.
  • The technological revolution has new innovation now, the one which impacted radio is a podcast.

Basically, podcasts are the audio version of series, which is either divided into episodes and seasons.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

In the world, almost 100s of podcasts released every day. Still Audio journalism is in search of better content to be delivered and access to listeners as well.

  • There is no such set format for the podcast, it totally depends on the producer. It can either be too lengthy or short, either be a single host or may feature multiple hosts, monthly or weekly, and lastly, it can either be a story, discussion, interview, or a debate.
  • It can be downloaded and saved to listen later. We can access it online as well as offline. Everybody can start from wherever they had left last time and continue listening.
  • This actually differs podcasts from radio and other mediums.
  • Podcast are observed to be more engaging because it's trending and allows us to choose podcasts of our own choice.
  • There are also some podcasts with the premium which demands subscription and are not free of cost.

After all, it’s our choice what makes a difference and it totally depends on your set of interests and which better satisfies your interest.

Stay Tuned!

Contributed By- Anagha Mule, Content writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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