Assam- Home to Natural disasters

The North-Eastern region which includes Assam is a vast network of rivers and is prone to natural disasters like floods.

Disasters are basically natural Or man-made events that affect our lives negatively and also result in permanent damages to society, environment, and ecosystem. People facing this suffer lots of loss, deprivation, injury, and even death. They become homeless, and some die out of hunger.

Though this problem is not new, but still there is no permanent solution on this. Assam is facing flood since the 1990s, and it is said that the main cause of the flood is free to discharge of tributaries which leads to backflow over prolonged periods. As it’s located in North-Eastern, during monsoon excessive rainfall increases the water level of Brahmaputra valley. The water level rises from 2480mm to 6350mm.

The government of Assam gets a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for development.

Water Resources Department (WRD) of Assam has been implementing different schemes of preventing flood as it occurs because of a lack of drainage system management.

It’s a major economic hazard for Assam as well as for India in terms of Gross outcome. Every year the same problem arises and the same temporary solution and relief are provided.

It’s well Acknowledged that permanent problems need permanent solutions, but not implemented yet. After all, the Country can’t let people lose their life in such disasters every year.

While some countries like Netherland have come up with an adaptation of flood habitats, and have built their infrastructure such a way that even floods won’t submerge and harm them at greater heights. This reduces the loss of infrastructure, property, and also the cost of reconstruction and saves valuable lives from suffering as well.

During this difficult time, many people from the country have raised helping hands for them and still ready to help more if needed by giving donations, food, clothes, drinking water, and other necessary things. These things are delivered to the needy through different mediums to contribute to relief efforts. As water is breaching river embankments, hundreds of acres of cultivable land in various districts of Assam have been damaged by the flood.

Support, help, raise and pray for Assam.

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Contributed By- Anagha Mule, Content writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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