Art v/s Art Therapy

Mitti Ke Rang
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Art therapy is a method of using creative expressions such as paintings, drawings, collages, and sculptures as a way to express ourselves as another way of communicating when one finds it difficult to express through words, especially for mental healing.

Art-Making and the creative process can be therapeutic in itself, it can be a form of relaxation where you get lost and you’re just enjoying moving paints around on a paper, or building something. Art can also release tension and anxieties. Anxiety, depression, and various other emotional turmoil are expressed through art in the process of healing.

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Art therapists are professionally trained individuals in their field and they have a sense of knowledge on the kind of creative process one can make through during the therapy session. They know what tasks are to be given and they can understand things looking at the outcome of the tasks. The therapist works with you to engage a language around using different art forms, but you don’t have to be good and it’s not about the aesthetic outcome of what one is doing. Art therapy works extremely well with anyone who suffers from trauma, abuse, or stress-related disorders; both children and adults

Art in any form is always considered to be therapeutic, while it relieves stress and tension and helps to ease the mind. Art and art therapy slightly differ, while individuals who have a certain mental illness or have undergone trauma mostly aren’t in a position to express themselves, and it is during such time that art therapy comes into the picture. Art therapy uses art to help relieve the tension and to vent out and seek help.

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