There is no doubt that this pandemic has become an opportunity for people who want to grow and earn. Work from home seems difficult and frustrating to all the people with jobs, college lectures, and school classes. Yes, basically to all of us. But this pandemic has been a chance for artists in the various fields wanting to grow their online audience and create useful and innovative content. Yes, I am talking about writers, dancers, musicians, singers, influencers, and the whole community related to social media.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

There is again no doubt in the fact that social media is a bundle of opportunities for creators irrespective of their field of interest. Many people have accelerated their growth in this pandemic, others have also started their online business, influencing, or any other related hobby. From dancing to yoga, from writing to content creating, everyone has accomplished their goals and are still working on their inner fears to go out and make themselves even more robust and energetic.

5.8% of the total Indian population has joined Instagram since January 2020(According to a report by NapoleonCat), this is just one among the many social media platforms available out there.

While starting something new, there is always a failure on the road, patience is an important virtue here. Inner healing for some has occurred from the pandemic due to the silence and break from a monotonous life that has been channelized towards art.

A wave of opportunity is there for every artist to ponder their minds, float in their dreams, and come up with some great ideas to make this society a better place to live. Just relax and leave the work when you are getting frustrated and get up with mindfulness of amazing ideas that will lighten you up.

Contributed by Harshita Garg content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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