Are the current cartoon shows kids appropriate?

Whenever we, adults, listen to the cartoon characters even today, we want to be a part of that discussion and speak out our emotions. These emotions are so perpetual that we feel connected to it. Think about the kids if we are in this state!

Cartoon shows are always so overwhelming and entertaining in every childhood. Generally, kids at an early age get familiar with these animated series. I would say, proudly if it is nevertheless right as before. During the 90s, parents were delighted to see their children learning something new from cartoon shows. They were inspiring, contained value life lessons, and imaginative as part of the kids to keep them lively and dreamy about the next coming. Although, it seems, due to changing trends, the quality of these animation shows is deteriorating. In fact, Current cartoon shows have become one of the biggest concerns of parents today. They are considered a sheer wastage of time. It is maybe because of the language they use, which is too mature for the kids; the action, which provides a wrong message to the children; and the imaginary world that tries to make them nothing for better.

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Watching cartoons is definitely a source of recreation for any kid, but we often say what the new and young generation learns today; reflects on the society for tomorrow. Hence, it is the need of an hour to keep an eye out on the content consumed by the young ones. Since most of the content, now promotes sexism and umpteen generalizations. For instance, mothers being homemakers portrayed as rude, irritated, and aggressive beings. On the other hand, men shown as restricted to their professional space, working hard all day long in the offices, and never contributing to the domestic sphere. And this goes on with the protagonist involved in the mockery and objectification of women.

It’s not just sexism, it’s representation, it’s what is perceived. Animation shows and movies are different, but the ones specified for children are what bothers here. Cartoons are sometimes a weapon for parents to get away from the responsibility of taking care of kids, it’s the only break they get juggling between, home work, responsibilities and what not. So this space is mostly not given attention by parents.

Not all shows cause harm as there are two sides to every coin. Kids should watch content that helps them to grow and rejuvenate instead of content, which encourages violence or promote unruly behavior. I think this would be the best tip that will surely help in avoiding the harmful effects of cartoon shows on the kid’s development and behavior.

We all move with time, we all develop with time, but it moves forward. If we compare the kid’s cartoon from the 90s and early 2000s, we realize that the content has deteriorated, the content has become more shrunk, it’s like people going back in time, it’s like the minds and ideologies are going back, in time.

Contributed by Himika content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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